50 enterprise concepts with Google AdSense


It’s easier than ever to start a website. And advertising platforms like Google AdSense can also make it easy for you to generate income from these websites.

But not all websites are created equal. There are certain topics that tend to earn more than others when it comes to AdSense ad involvement. And there are some topics that are particularly popular with online consumers. Of course, you will need some actual knowledge and experience in the niche in which you want to build a website. However, if you want to stick with a topic that has some AdSense earning potential, take a look at these 50 options.

AdSense business ideas

Health information

Health is one of the most profitable topics for AdSense websites. If you are knowledgeable about health topics, you can offer general information or focus on a specific health-related niche. However, be careful when seeking medical advice.

Fitness tips

You can also focus on fitness rather than other health topics. Offer exercise routines and tips for those who want to change their exercise methods.

Nutrition tips

For another popular health-related niche, you can offer some nutrition tips and recipes for healthy eating and weight loss.


Technology is another popular topic for AdSense websites. You can create a website that shares information about new innovations or even focuses on a specific brand or type of device.

IT news

You can also create a site more geared towards IT professionals or to help individuals troubleshoot various technical issues.

Smartphone information

Smartphones are clearly one of the hottest types of products out there. So, within the tech niche, you can create a website that deals with different smartphone options and the new models that have been launched.

Mobile apps

You can also create lists and databases of the different mobile apps available, as mobile apps are another popular topic in AdSense.

Software information

Or, you could focus on a specific type or brand of software and build a business by sharing information and updates about it.


Fashion is another popular topic. You can share designer news, trends, fashion tips, and more.

Beauty tips

You can also create a website to share beauty tips and trends in terms of makeup, hair, and nails.

Relationship advice

If you are experienced in relationship counseling or related fields, you can start a website that will answer questions and offer advice on personal relationships.

Family issues

Family-related websites can also help you incorporate a number of popular AdSense keywords. You can share family-friendly events and activities, parenting advice, and more.

Home care

Or, you can create a website that is a great resource for homeowners, offering tips and solutions to common home care problems, from setting up to needed home repairs.


Gardening can also fall into this category, although you can also create a standalone website just devoted to gardening tips and advice.

Personal finance

Finance is a very popular topic online when it comes to AdSense earning potential. You can create a website to offer financial tips and news that might be related to individuals and their finances.

Forex trading

Or, you can get even more specific and create a website entirely dedicated to forex trading rates and updates.

Information on student loans

Student loans also provide you with many opportunities to share relevant information with people seeking help with their student loan-related decisions.

Mortgage information

You can also focus specifically on mortgage rates and updates to provide valuable information to homeowners and prospective buyers.

Credit information

Or, you could focus on credit more generally, offering comparisons and valuable insights to help people make credit-related decisions.

Insurance information

Insurance-related keywords pay relatively high per click from Google Adsense and have relatively little competition, so a website with detailed and valuable information on different types of insurance can be very profitable.

Property information

50 AdSense Business Ideas - Real Estate Information

Real estate is another popular topic for AdSense websites. Offer real estate listings or information focused on a specific area.


You can also create a website that shares information about cars, such as: B. Automotive news, vehicle lists, and even repair tips.

News about stars

Popular celebrities also receive a lot of search traffic. So, you could start a celebrity news site or fansite that is related to a specific celebrity.

Entertainment information

Or, you can focus on more general entertainment topics, like reviews of a movie, TV show, or book.

Sports news

Sports are also very popular online. So you could start a website that offers sports results and headlines, or is related to a specific city or team.

Online games

Online games can also be a great theme for a website business. You can develop your own games so that people are likely to spend a lot of time on your website. Or, they can also provide information and insight into popular games that people can play on other platforms.

Political updates

Political news and updates can get a lot of attention online. So you could start a site where you share news and information about different candidates or politicians.

Viral videos

Everyone loves a good viral video. So, if you create a website where you share fun and interesting viral content, you can potentially get lots of views and therefore a lot of AdSense income.


Travel is another popular topic with AdSense advertisers, especially airline and hotel information. So you could create a website that shares travel tips and deals to get you started in this popular niche.

Photography tips

50 business ideas for AdSense - photography tips

There is also a lot of advertising power behind the photo business. So, if you start a website where you share photography tips and opinions on different types of devices, you can potentially make big bucks with AdSense.

Stock Images

Or, you can start a website that promotes stock photos in a specific niche and just add some AdSense space to your website.

Blogging tips

Blogging tips are also popular with online searches. So if you are a seasoned blogger, you can share some of your expertise on a separate website.

Social media messages

You could also start a website where you share social media tips and news on the different platforms that are popular with individuals and businesses.

Search engine optimization

Another aspect of blogging and running a website, you can use your SEO know-how to drive lots of search traffic to your SEO website and then take advantage of AdSense.

Web design

You can also start a website that offers information on web design and development topics.

Graphic design

Or you can focus on topics related to graphic design.

Domain and hosting information

Domain and hosting information is pretty popular when it comes to AdSense too. This is how you can start a website offering tips and information on these aspects of website startup.

Tips for making money

One of the most profitable topics for AdSense websites is making money tips – especially making money online. So, you could start a website that offers tips and methods that people can use to make extra income online.

Tips for saving money

Similarly, you could also start a website providing tips and methods so that people can save their money or spend less.

Business tips

Most of the popular AdSense topics are aimed at individual consumers. Or you can create a website that offers tips and information for businesses.

Marketing Tips

More specifically, you can offer marketing tips and valuable information on various marketing methods.

Promotional messages

Advertising is another B2B topic that can be profitable for AdSense websites. You can provide tips or examples that advertisers can use for inspiration.

Online Safety

Cybersecurity has become an important issue for both consumers and businesses. So, here’s how you can help those looking for information and make some AdSense revenue by creating a website on the subject.

Agriculture and farming

Agriculture is another profitable AdSense topic. So if you are knowledgeable about agriculture and farming techniques, you can share your expertise online.

Education news

Things like online courses and information about different colleges get a lot of search traffic. So websites that offer information in these areas can generate a lot of AdSense revenue.

Non-profit information

There are also many popular keywords related to charitable giving, especially donating cars or other large items. So you could have a website that could point people who want to donate these items in the right direction.

Traffic updates

Although this would take a lot of updates, people are always looking for updates on the traffic in their area. So you could start a site dedicated to delivering these updates in real time.

Local business listings

You could also start a website listing local businesses in various niches, from restaurants and stores to service providers like plumbers and electricians.

Law and Attorney Information

In particular, information about lawyers and information about legal proceedings can generate a lot of search traffic and can be very profitable for AdSense websites.

Latest news

And of course so many people are now turning to websites for breaking news. So you could start a blog or online publication devoted to spreading the latest breaking stories.

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