88 Science and Tech Blogs & Publications That Rent Freelance Writers


Got a background in tech or science?

Not everyone has a talent for translating these more technical topics into plain English. So we recommend you take full advantage of your ability to understand dull, dry tech and science topics.

And making them fun to read is a completely different skill set the average scientific or IT-oriented professional rarely has.

So these science and tech publications are in need of writers who can intrigue their readers (instead of putting them to sleep or confusing them).

What Exactly Is a Science Writer?

Science writing is everywhere nowadays. Readers want to understand the everyday science in their lives more and more.

This list is focused on science-heavy blogs and magazines, but you can find science articles in nearly every publication. Disease, vaccination, immunity, climate change, meteorology, and medical advances are just the tip of the iceberg.

Scientific research papers are jam-packed with data, but the average Joe and Jennifer have no idea how it translates to their lives.

How can these fact-filled journals about discoveries and advances impact small business, create new products, or make us healthier? A science writer can read science publications well enough to ask intelligent (and sometimes the important but slightly dumb) questions that no one has answered yet.

And no, you don’t have to be an expert in any scientific field to write about science topics (you’ll learn more as you go too).

Having a background and a passion for certain scientific fields helps.

Editors love science writers with experience and training (and it can help you get your foot in the door if you’re new and pitching an article on your area of specialty).

But if you’re self-taught and you know how to read research publications and other valid scientific journals, you’re halfway there.

The delicious, chewy center of scientific details in your article will come from interviewing experts anyway.

Who Can Write for Technology Blogs and Publications?

Not sure if you’re the right person to write for tech magazines and websites?

Not gonna lie…you’ll find a bunch of tech tutorial writing job opportunities. And yeah, you need to know that software, platform, or domain. Extremely well.

So if you want to write Java, Linux, or Photoshop tutorials, you better know your stuff.

But technology writing is a much bigger field than just tutorials. Tech has worked its way into every part of our lives. You can write lifestyle stories, political articles, thought leadership pieces, business features, product reviews, and career advice all about tech.

For tech-loving writers, find a hook the publication’s audience can’t resist and you’re likely to get a byline in almost any publication.

Freelance Science and Technology Writer Jobs That Pay

1. Alaska Business Magazine

Alaska Business magazine hires writers for freelance tech writing jobs

Alaska Business Magazine publishes articles about business in Alaska. Their readers are small business owners, huge corporations, and everything in between…who do business in Alaska. They are interested in a number of science and tech-based topics (think telecom, mining, oil & gas, environment, and more).  You can pitch them, but they usually assign articles to freelancers. Send them your resume and 3 writing samples from other articles you’ve written for other publications. They don’t want samples from your blog or a portfolio site.

2. A List Apart

A list apart blog pays tech writers for freelance writing jobs

This wide-ranging blog for web professionals accepts original, unpublished submissions from readers on web development topics such as code, design, user experience, process, and content. You can send them a rough draft, a partial draft, or a pitch. Make sure to read their helpful writer guidelines (where you’ll find plenty of tips for getting a yes from them). Then refer to their extensive in-house style guide making sure that you’ve applied it to your post before you submit it for approval.

3. Alternative Journals

AJ magazine pays writers for freelance science writing jobs

Alternative Journals is a Canadian magazine and blog publishing ecology and environment stories (in essay, journalistic, and academic styles). Research, politics, climate change, and sustainability are their preferred topics. Sign up for their newsletter to receive calls for proposals on specific themes. They are interested in investigative features, reports, interviews, profiles, guides, and more.

4. American Forest Magazine

American forests magazine hires freelance writers for science writing gigs.

American Forest Magazine and website hire freelance science writers for ecology and environment topics. Recent research, forest politics & policy, interviews with experts, and profiles of people in forestry fields are regularly published here. You can read their online magazine for more ideas. If these are your fav topics, do your own research and get in touch with the right editor.

  • Homepage: https://www.americanforests.org/magazine/
  • Contributor info: Download the latest magazine for a list of all the editors to contact.
  • Pay: We hear $500 and up (69 cents a word for 2000+ word stories).
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, a short one.

5. American Scientist

American Scientist hires writers for science writing gigs

American Scientist Magazine and blog pay for science articles. BUT research scientists write most of their feature stories (about their scientific research and published papers). If you are a strong science writer, check out their blog and magazine departments for opportunities.

6. Ars Technica

Ars Technica hires freelance writers for science writing gigs.

Want to write for Ars Technica? We’ve got reports from freelance science and tech writers getting paid. But don’t go looking for any writer guidelines. You won’t find any. Typical of publications that want to create extra hurdles for submissions usually (but hey, they definitely want great pitches, so don’t let it stop you). Read up on topics similar to your pitch ideas before you send yours. Check the staff directory to find the right editor for your ideas.

7. Atlantic Business Magazine

Atlantic Business magazine and blog hire freelance writers for tech writing gigs

Atlantic Business Magazine focuses on business in the 4 provinces along the Atlantic Ocean in Canada. They don’t accept unsolicited complete articles, so send them a detailed pitch for your article idea or column with some samples of your published work. They’re looking for stories that interest managers in their region (business leadership, technology, and natural resources, to give you an idea). This publication does a healthy amount of sponsored content (if that’s something you like).

8. Audubon

Audubon magazine hires writers for science writing jobs

Are birdwatching, ecology, and the environment subjects you love? Maybe it’s time to start making money writing about them. The Audubon Society’s magazine pays freelance writers. You can dive into the articles on the website or a selection of articles from the magazine. The writer guidelines are on the light side (but you do get a list of the editors). Use the stories available online to create a pitch that fits their publishing style.

9. Auth0 Blog

Auth0 Blog pays writers for freelance tech writing gigs.

Got a background in web development and coding? Auth0’s blog is all about helping developers code better and stay up-to-date on changing trends and technology. Web tech topics they’re looking for: identity, security, mobile, Python, Electron, Java, and .NET (and much more). Read through the blog to check out their writing style and article structure. Then go introduce yourself via their form.

10. BC Business

BC Business magazine and blog pay writers for freelance tech writing gigs

BC Business Magazine writes about business in British Columbia Canada. Good news tech and science writers: they hire freelance writers for most of their feature stories. Read a few articles and you’ll notice they don’t do typical news articles. They’re looking for stories about businesses or individuals doing something interesting or solving problems. This publication puts out plenty of technology and science stories. Read through them before you send them your pitches.

11. Bee Culture

Bee Culture hires freelance writers for science writing jobs.

Bee Culture Magazine and blog write about American beekeeping. If you’re a science writer interested in bees, do some reading and see if Bee Culture is a good publication for you. You’ll find lots of how-to, gear, and pollination articles for sure. But also political issues, bee-friendly practices, dealing with disease, and pesticides too. Over one-third (closer to half) of their articles are freelance written (yay for you). Send them a proposal or outline after you’ve read their blog and magazine. You can send completed articles (but they’d really prefer proposals). Read their detailed writer guidelines and get to it.

12. Business Insider

Business Insider blog pays writers for freelance tech writing gigs

Business Insider (yes, THE Business Insider) hires freelance writers for personal essays, reported features, how-tos, profiles, and more. Their advice to you: read the site. Their writer guidelines are clear and they even recommend some articles to read for a better idea (in the different article categories). This blog regularly publishes science and tech topics. Read through them and get to pitching.

13. Business Tuts Plus

Envato Tuts Business pays writers for freelance tech writing jobs

This Envato-owned tech blog has thousands of tutorial posts on tech-related business skills, finance, management, useful tools, and career development. Do you know a lot about the techy side of small business branding, social media marketing for small business, productivity, or how to start a business? If it’s a detailed how-to about tech for small businesses, you could get a paid gig from Tuts+. They welcome pitches for detailed tutorials with plenty of videos or images. Pay depends on post length and complexity.

14. Chatelaine Magazine

Chatelaine hires freelance writers for science writing jobs

What is this Canadian lifestyle magazine and blog doing on a science and tech writing jobs list? Just take a look at their articles (which you should do if you want to write for them anyway). You’ll find that most of their lifestyle topics have a heavy dose of scientific research (filled with quotes from experts too). When you pitch, you’ll need to specify whether it’s for the magazine or the website. Rigorous fact-checking is their middle name, so be prepared to give them all the details for your info sources. They want pitches not completed articles. And your patience. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for them to make a decision about your ideas.

15. Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science Monitor hires writers for freelance science writing jobs

The Christian Science Monitor and website hire freelance writers for science and tech writing jobs (and much more). If this is your first rodeo with The CS Monitor, chances are you’ll send them a fully written story on spec. That means they can choose to buy your article or not. Once you’ve written for them a few times, you’re more likely to get commissioned work. Good news: their print edition is published weekly while the website is updated daily. Read through the tech and science published articles to see if your ideas fit. Figure out which editor needs to see your full article or pitch (and check for additional guidelines for each editor too).

16. Circle CI Blog

CircleCI pays freelance writers for tech writing jobs

CircleCI’s blog wants content about software development. Think software engineering, productivity, and best practices. Read through their blog and you’ll see it’s not just about how to write code. So if you’ve got experience in rolling out new software, managing software development, or improving dev procedures, check out this blog. They have an easy and efficient writer application and content production process (they’re software engineers -what did you expect?).

17. Clubhouse Blog

Clubhouse hires writers for freelance tech writing gigs

Got engineering experience? Clubhouse is looking for how-tos, tutorials, and blog posts for its software engineering audience. Do you need to know how to code to write here? Yes and no. Absolutely (if you want to write the tutorials).
But they’re also on the hunt for thought leadership, light-hearted fun posts, popular dev tools, software team roles & responsibilities, managing & growing technology teams, and software dev career advice. Their readers are mostly team leaders, managers, and even C suite types.

18. Code Tuts Plus

Envato Tuts Coding pays freelance writers for tech writing jobs

Envato Tuts+ Code blog publishes full-length tutorials, detailed guides, courses, and even ebooks on HTML and CSS, Javascript, WordPress, and other web development techniques. Images and/or video are required, and you must use their post template. (Note: As Code Tuts+ also absorbed Mobile Tuts+, you can try submitting articles covering iOS, Android, mobile user experience, and user interfaces).

19. Common Ground

This Canadian magazine and blog are dedicated mostly to health, wellness, ecology, and personal growth. Ecology-loving science writers, take a closer look. Ecology is a top-tier subject for this publication. Good news Canadian writers, they really want to work with you (although if you’re not based in Canada, they might still say yes to your pitch too). Please, send pitches not finished articles.

20. Computer Skills Tuts Plus

Envato Tuts Computer Skills hire writers for freelance tech writing gigs

Know a thing or two about using everyday software like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Keynote? If we use it regularly, it counts (Google products, Microsoft, Mac, Linux, and others). Envato Tuts Plus is always looking for knowledgeable tech writers for every type of technology tutorial (or course) you can imagine. Take a look at the tutorials for yourself. Check out their Teach at Tuts+ page (below) for details on what they want (and read some tutorials or courses too to get a better idea of how to structure yours).

21. Cosmos

Cosmos magazine pays writers for freelance science writing gigs

This Australian print and digital magazine hire freelance science and tech writers. They publish content every day online, weekly in their online mini-magazine, and quarterly in their print and digital magazine. So many opportunities for you here. Read through their articles before pitching (since you won’t find much detail in their writer guidelines). Send pitches on Space, Technology, Nature, Earth, History, People, Health, or Core Science topics.

22. Design & Illustration Tuts Plus

Envato Tuts Design hires freelance writers for tech writing jobs

Got some graphic design tech skills? Tech writers who know their way around Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Affinity, Procreate, and any other design software can make money writing tutorials or creating courses for Envato Tuts+ Design and Illustration. If you can walk readers through a project step-by-step, you can write a tutorial. Go check out a few to see for yourself. And if you’re comfortable doing video, they’re VERY interested to hear from you.

23. DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean blog hires writers for freelance tech writing gigs

DigitalOcean is seeking authors to write on a variety of subjects spanning the entire open-source Linux and FreeBSD ecosystems (such as production installations, containers, automation, and deployments). Each month, they’ll focus on specific topics (check the writer guidelines each month for details). Apply to the program by pitching them an idea for an article (with a tutorial outline included). Make sure to send them at least one writing sample so they can see how you write too.

24. Discover Magazine

Discover magazine hires freelance writers for science writing jobs

Discover Magazine and website publish science stories for their science-loving readers (mostly with little to no professional scientific training). And “story” is the key word here. Stories that matter to readers (so remember to find a hook that shows how and why your idea matters to their readers). Rigorous research, interviews, and fact-checking are a big part of your work too. Topics that work here: Mind, Technology, Earth, Health, Environment, and more.

25. Douglas Magazine

Douglas magazine and blog pays writers for freelance tech writing gigs

Douglas Business Magazine is a Canadian print magazine and website. They want stories about Victoria, British Columbia business. For example, business news, leadership, advice, and technology are subjects they want (big surprise, Victoria is just across the bay from Seattle). Their recommendations for you, read a few back issues (or the site) before you pitch them. Your story needs to include local info and experts too.

26. Earth Island Journal

Earth Island Journal pays writers for freelance science writing jobs

Earth Island Journal wants stories about wildlife, conservation, scientific and technological innovation, environmental politics, climate, energy, and more. Have you got a story about a person or group making progress with environmental causes? This publication wants them. Even stories about groups outside the US are welcome. Your idea should be interesting on a national or international level (no local-only stories with a limited audience, please). If you’re new to writing, try pitching an online piece (and let them get to know ya).

27. Elegant Themes Blog

Elegant Themes blog hires freelance writers for tech writing gigs

The Elegant Themes blog hires freelance tech writers! What are they looking for? Blog posts that solve problems their readers have (and give them clear next steps to take) for WordPress newbies, developers, designers, and Divi users. You can write WordPress and Divi tutorials, case studies, detailed guides, and even opinion articles (remember to back it up with plenty of evidence). Their writer guidelines give you some great examples of what they want (so read them carefully). And read the blog to see where your ideas fit best.

28. Ensia

Ensia blog pays science writers for freelance writing jobs

The Ensia blog publishes stories about the environment and sustainability, focusing on solutions and innovative ideas for moving forward. Their favorites topics are ecology and the environment from many different points of view (science, politics, economics, design, and others). This is a publication for scientists, policy-makers, business people, and the man (or woman) on the street regardless of their politics, demographic, or country of origin. They also publish a print magazine and videos.

29. Fast Company

Fast Company magazine hires freelance writers for tech writing jobs

Fast Company Magazine and website sometimes accept submitted complete articles (mostly as unpaid guest bloggers). But we hear they do still occasionally hire freelance writers too. And tech and science are topics they regularly publish. Can you go after them as your first attempt at becoming a professional (paid) writer? Yes. Just be prepared to work at it (that means read, research, and network). Their Work Life section accepts guest post pitches from experienced pros in business too. Let’s bottom line it. If you want to get published in Fast Company and you work at it (read, research, repeat), you’ll eventually get a yes (and it might take 10 or more well-researched pitches by the way). They’re not sitting around waiting for your pitch. But if the right one lands in their inbox, they’ll respond.

  • Homepage: https://www.fastcompany.com/
  • Contributor info: Check out these writer guidelines and here’s their list of editors and writers.
  • Pay: We hear 25 cents on average for online only articles. Reports of 27 to 65 cents per word for print magazine.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Not really. But you do get a writer’s page.

30. Financial Times

Financial Times hires tech writers for freelance writing gigs

You can pitch The Financial Times your tech and science ideas. We think (and FT seems to agree) the best place to get your foot in the door is with an opinion piece. They publish op-eds every day (so more chances of getting a yes). They’d really love drafts that go against conventional wisdom — even their own. They recommend that you explore new ideas to get their attention. And if your idea is time-sensitive and related to current breaking news, send that rough draft NOW and let them help you work on it (if it’s accepted).

31. Forbes

Forbes pays freelance writers for tech writing jobs

You can still get paid writing gigs with Forbes Magazine and website. Their Innovation department is all about tech (so read up on it, tech writers). Now…we’re not saying your first pitch will get accepted. Can it happen? Yes. Just remember, you may need to build up your pitching skills and your writing portfolio first. They also have Councils you can apply to join (think of them as contributor groups). You’ll need to have a solid reputation to get in one, but it’s possible (if you’re also an experienced business professional). Otherwise, get to work writing for other publications and networking. Writing for this publication means building your network and reputation. So get going.

32. Game Development Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus Game Design pays tech writers for freelance writing gigs

Envato Tuts+ will pay you to write game design and development tutorials. Know how to work with 3D and 4D design software, game programming, or game dev platforms? You can get paid to write tutorials about it. Go check out all the tutorials they’ve got and start thinking of a practical step-by-step tutorial you can write about a specific game dev project. They also want videos, courses, guides, and more.

33. Gizmodo

Gizmodo blog hires writers for freelance tech writing jobs

The Gizmodo blog is always looking for great stories about technology, science, science fiction, the internet, and our planet. Investigative pieces, personal essays, and profiles are all worth pitching here. Io9 their science fiction blog wants essays, reported stories, and op-eds. Earther is their nature and environment blog looking for investigative stories about what helps or hurts the planet. Lots of opportunities for science and tech writers (so go do some research and get inspired).

34. Hakai

Hakai magazine hires science writers for freelance writing gigs

Hakai Magazine and blog want stories about coastal ecology. You know, the ocean, the land, and its peoples. You could attack your topic from many different points of view (archaeology, ecology, biology, geology, oceanography, and others). They’re looking for short news reports, investigative features narrative pieces, profiles, essays, videos, photo essays, and even non-fiction comics and infographics. Send pitches only, please. If you don’t hear back in two weeks, you can send a reminder email.

35. Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation hires writers for freelance tech writing jobs

Healthcare Innovation Magazine and its blog are trade publications for C suite executives (and other decision-makers using healthcare tech). They help executives choose the right technology for their organizations by giving them the facts, challenges, trends, different options, and upcoming innovations. Case studies and tutorials are their primary focus. They’d love for you to send them a pitch. Personally, we recommend you send them an LOI (letter of introduction) and include some article ideas in it.

36. Inc Magazine

Inc Magazine pays freelance writers for tech writing jobs

If you want to write for ANY of the well-known business magazines, you need to network and build up your reputation. That means getting a few really great writing samples for your freelance writer portfolio and interacting on social media with the editors you dream about working for. Inc magazine and website are no exception. Inc publishes articles for small businesses and start-ups. Their readers are still scrappy, hungry, and looking to build their small (or international) empire. Read through the technology section to help craft your winning tech pitch.

37. Increment

Increment blog hires writers for freelance tech writing gigs

Increment is a quarterly print and digital magazine published by Stripe (yeah, that one). They’re looking for stories about building and managing software systems (really big ones) for their readership of software development teams. Industry best practices, interviews, op-eds, personal essays, long-form features, and even human-interest pieces are on their wish list. They’re not looking for the same-old tired, overdone articles on other software dev blogs or magazines (so read their website or magazine first). Send a pitch (and after 3 weeks, you can send them a friendly reminder if you haven’t heard back yet).

38. Informed Consent

Informed Comment hires tech writers for freelance writing gigs

Informed Consent is a website focused on the political and cultural interaction between the Middle East and the US. You can expect to find subjects like religion, women’s rights, and religious discrimination. So why is a political site on this list? Because Environment and Energy are 2 big departments focused on science-based subjects. The site is very interested in working with reporters, academics, and other writers with original information (and interviews) on these subjects. Previously published articles are sometimes accepted too. And if you’re an author of a book on the right subject, you could even write an opinion piece on a related subject (if it’s newsworthy of course).

39. International Business Times

International Business Times pays tech writers for freelance writing jobs

International Business Times writes for an international audience of around 55 million people in the US, UK, Singapore, India, Australia, and English speakers around the world. They’ve got a number of positions available as a freelancer or full-time employee (so go have a look). Read the technology department to get a feel for their style before pitching. You’ll need to have some previous experience either in business or journalism if you want a regular paycheck.

40. Linode Blog

Linode blog hires freelance writers for tech writing gigs

The Linode blog focuses on the cloud hosting industry and accepts guides and tutorials from freelance writers. (Thanks to BAFB reader Cherese Cobb for sharing this paying market with us!) You can write about subjects like DevOps Tools, Server Infrastructure, Storage, Programming Languages, and Linux. They’re looking for much more than tutorials. How-to guides, overviews, and troubleshooting articles are also accepted article types. If this sounds like your schtick, apply to be a contributor. Make sure to show them what you’ve got (writing samples, technical know-how, etc).

41. LWN

LWN hires tech writers for freelance writing jobs

LWN hires tech writers for free software topics (especially Linux kernel). Look at their published work and you won’t find how-tos and tutorials. They’re looking for what’s new in the free software community (events, discussions, new releases, and upcoming features). Longer feature articles are also on their wishlist. Read through their archives to get a feel for the topics their tech-loving audience reads. Want to write for LWN? Email them a short letter of introduction with your pitch ideas.

42. Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News hires freelance writers for science writing gigs

Mother Earth News sometimes hires freelance writers for feature articles. But to get started with this magazine, send submissions for their Country Lore department (typically 300 words) with helpful how-to advice. You can submit blog posts, but they only pay for magazine pieces at the moment. This print magazine and blog publish practical articles about how to live a sustainable life (environmental issues, renewable energy, natural health, organic farming, and country skills to name a few popular topics).

43. Music & Audio Tuts Plus

Envato Tuts Plus Music and Audio pays tech writers for freelance writing gigs.

Got a flair for music and audio tech? You could make money writing tutorials or filming videos teaching members how to complete projects. And yeah, a video tutorial does usually require writing out your script first before filming. Tuts+ is looking for how-tos on songwriting, recording, sound design, mixing, mastering, different audio software, and anything else you need to know to produce great audio clips.

44. National Geographic

National Geographic magazine hires science writers for freelance writing jobs

National Geographic Magazine and blog will consider your unsolicited pitches. First, make sure they haven’t already done your story idea (do a site search). If they have, can you make it new and fresh? Science-focused topics you can pitch: wildlife protection, climate change, paleontology, astronomy, geology, health & medicine, human origins, technology, and physics. If you’re new, we recommend doing some networking before pitching. When you do pitch, you’ll need to show samples and a resume.

45. National Parks Conservation Association

The Park Advocate blog hires freelance writers for science writing gigs

Do you know how many national parks exist in the US? Hint, it’s a very big number. Want to write about science topics like conservation, climate change, wildlife, energy, air and water quality? They accept essays, long and short features, profiles, and news stories about their favorite subjects (and their 400 national parks). Chances are there’s one near you (urban parks, historic sites, rivers, trails, battlefields, and even seashores). 

46. New Scientist

New Scientist magazine pays writers for freelance science writing jobs

New Scientist Magazine and site are looking for science-based stories for their curious, intelligent (but mostly non-scientist) readers. Good news: their feature articles are nearly 100% freelance written. News articles are staff-written usually. What do they want? Riveting stories from the world of science their readers can’t resist. For example, discoveries that challenge current beliefs, new findings that give long-awaited answers, the science behind major events, or bizarre science-based stories. Their writer guidelines are fantastic (so read them well). They will give you some examples of great articles to read as well.

47. New York Times Online Magazine

The New York Times Online Magazine pays freelance writers for tech and science writing jobs

Have you got what it takes to write for the New York Times Online Magazine? You might be surprised. Check out the advice from a New York Times editor on how to nail your pitch (link below). Can you write about science and technology for this world-famous newspaper and magazine’s website? With some great insider advice, research, and the right pitch, YES you can.

48. Nuts and Volts

Nuts and Volts hires tech writers for freelance writing gigs.

Nuts and Volts is a print and online magazine published bi-monthly. Their readers are confirmed electronics enthusiasts, hands-on hobbyist engineers, actual engineers, and technicians who love building machines. You’ll find many detailed tutorials and articles about lasers, robotics, circuit design, new technology, home automation, and anything that a somewhat sophisticated DIY hobby engineer might find fascinating. If you’d like to take a look at their writer guidelines, just send them an email (they’re not posted, but the publication is more than happy to send them to you).

49. Observer

The Observer blog pays freelance writers for tech writing jobs

Observer may be an online lifestyle and culture blog, but one of their three main departments is Innovation (read that as technology). They’re looking for as they put it “an investigative report, an op-ed, a hot take on a big news story, a reported feature, a profile or Q&A, policy analysis,” to give you an idea. Tech writers, study the Innovation section with its newsy, business vibe. Not your typical tech-heavy pieces written for dev ops. No writer guidelines are available, so do your own research and pitch away.

50. Photo & Video Tuts Plus

Envato Tuts Plus Photography and Video hires writers for freelance tech writing gigs

Got a knack for photo or video editing software? You could make some money writing tutorials on how to do specific projects (or make video tutorials for them). They also pay for courses, ebooks, and guides. Create detailed step-by-step guides for Photoshop, Affinity, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and other photo and video software. Have a look at what they’ve already published to get ideas. Then apply to write for Tuts Plus Photography and Video.

51. Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials pays freelance tech writers for writing gigs.

Applying to write for the Photoshop Tutorials blog couldn’t be easier (if Photoshop’s your game). To start, you don’t even have to write out a tutorial. Just send them an image of the final result you’ll teach their readers to do. If they’re interested, they’ll let you know. Take a look at some of the tutorials already published to get inspired. Then get in touch and send examples of the project you want to write for them. You can also get paid to write quick tips or round-up articles.

52. Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics magazine and blog pay science and tech writers for freelance writing jobs.

Do you love engineering, everyday science, and technology? You could put your hands-on curiosity to work (and make some money) writing for Popular Mechanics Magazine and blog. For over a hundred years they’ve been satisfying your neverending desire to understand how the world works. This pub’s writer guidelines are excellent with tons of details and examples (so read them carefully). And then go read the blog and magazine. Send them pitches only. Normally if it’s a yes, they’ll get back to you in 30 days.

53. Popular Science

Popular Science pays writers for freelance science writing jobs

Popular Science Magazine and site publish entertaining stories about science for their science-curious readers (usually with no scientific background). Practical stories about new technologies and discoveries that educate us about how it works (and how they impact our everyday life) in a fun, narrative style. All fields of science are up for grabs. Read through the magazine or website (plus read the writer guidelines) before you pitch. Like with most well-known magazines, pitching the shorter articles found in the front of the magazine (FOBs) is easier to win if you’re pitching them for the first time.

54. Real Python

Real Python blog pays writers for freelance tech writing jobs

Do you know Python? If so, the Real Python blog might pay you to write tutorials (you’ll have to apply to find out). They’re looking for freelance tech writers (and editors too) for articles about Python development, web development, data science, detailed tutorials, career advice for the programming industry, productivity tips for programmers, and motivation and mindset hacks for the developer community. Apply to get on the writing team. Do a paid trial assignment (if accepted). And then you’re in.

55. Redshift by Autodesk

Redshift blog pays freelance writers for tech writing jobs

The Redshift blog reports on the future of construction, architecture, manufacturing, and infrastructure and its technologies. How will designers and engineers use tech in the future? How will makers and builders execute these designs? These are the questions the Redshift blog wants to answer. We recommend you read the blog to get pitching ideas. We have reports of decent pay for freelance writers (but no writer guidelines are available).

56. Rest of the World

Rest of the World blog hires freelance writers for tech writing jobs

The Rest of the World blog reports on how technology is changing the non-western world. What do they mean by non-western world? Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Central America, Eastern Europe, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean. They’re looking for stories that have new ideas or new perspectives, that teach us something about the country where they take place, that are focused on specific people (not faceless institutions or companies), that have solid evidence and references, and that impact more than a small corner of the globe. News, features, reports, and essays are all acceptable article types here.

57. Science Magazine

Science magazine and site hire freelance writers for science writing jobs

Attention science writers: Science Magazine hires freelance writers for around 50% of its online articles and 25% of its print magazine stories. From short news stories to 2000+ word feature articles, they assign all kinds of work to freelancers. Their readers are science enthusiasts and scientists reading outside of their areas of expertise (so no specialty-specific jargon, please). All fields of science are accepted (as well as tech, engineering, mathematics, and other concerns the scientific community considers important). For research news, check to make sure other publications haven’t already written a similar article before pitching.

58. Scientific American

Scientific American hires freelance writers for science writing jobs

Scientific American Magazine and website pay freelance writers for well-researched science stories. Science writers can consider news stories and feature article pitches. Pitch stories like recent research or major discovery explainers, the intersection of social or political issues with scientific discoveries, and much more. Read the website or magazine for more detailed ideas of what they like to publish. Their writer guidelines will also spell out what they expect in a winning pitch and a great article.

59. Sierra Club Magazine

Sierra club magazine and site pay freelance writers for science writing jobs

Are conservation, the environment, and outdoor adventures your favorite writing topics? Sierra Magazine would love to hear from you. They publish a quarterly print magazine with an active blog. Good news freelance bloggers: they update their blog daily (and pay well for online-only articles). What do they want? In-depth analysis of current environmental news and science stories that make people want to learn more about their planet. The magazine has a number of sciencey departments you can pitch too. You can go after feature stories as a freelance writer (but if you’re new to this organization, we recommend you pitch smaller pieces first).

60. Sitepoint

Sitepoint blog pays writers for freelance tech writing gigs

The Sitepoint blog publishes content for their web developer, web designer, programmer, and digital product creator readers. Are you familiar with up-and-coming technology? Got a talent for web design tech? Even if your superpower is more process and productivity tech, Sitepoint is interested. They’re looking for tech-savvy writers (not perfect writers). Attention new writers with lots of tech experience: If your idea fits their groove, they’ll help you with the editorial process.

61. Sky and Telescope

Sky and Telescope magazine and blog pay freelance writers for science writing gigs

Are you a star-gazing amateur astronomer and a freelance writer? Sky and Telescope Magazine and website are always on the lookout for new science writers with interesting ideas. Staff and regular contributors write about half of the magazine. The other half is written by journalists, researchers, and amateur astronomers. What topics are they looking for? Current challenges and new discoveries in astronomy, how to get the most out of your equipment, taking great photos, important people and events in astronomy, and news about observatories. Read the magazine and website. Then send them a pitch. You could send a completed story, but they’d prefer a pitch.

62. Slate

Slate pays writers for freelance tech writing gigs.

Slate hires freelance tech writers! They’re an enormous general interest site known for writing opinions and analysis (with a habit of putting out a bunch of tech stories). Read the technology section of the site for guidance on pitching topics and style. This publication strongly recommends you do an internet search about your pitch idea before contacting them. They DO NOT want anything that’s already been published by everyone else. Read their articles AND do some research on what other sites have already written too. Need some tips on getting ready to pitch? Check out this perfect pitch email article

  • Homepage: https://slate.com/
  • Contributor info: https://slate.com/pitch
  • Pay: We hear 18 to 31 cents a word (for 800 to 1400 word articles normally).
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, but on a separate page.

63. Smart Business Trends

Smart Business Trends blog hires freelance writers for tech writing gigs.

Smart Business Trends is a blog about making money online. They pay for detailed tech tutorials, digital product reviews, and case studies on how to make money online with different strategies. Read the blog and you’ll see exactly what they want. It helps if you’re already familiar with marketing tech and certain online marketing strategies like Facebook marketing, email marketing, or affiliate marketing for example. And if you’re just looking for some traffic, they also accept pitches for guest posting (with different requirements).

64. Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine and blog hire writers for freelance tech writing jobs

Smashing Magazine is looking for articles on coding, web design, mobile design, UX design, graphics, and WordPress. (One of their editors told us: “Usually, the first article would be paid around $200. If all goes well, we increase the payment for subsequent articles.”). Good news for new writers: Smashing Magazine is interested in working with new writers familiar with web development or web design. You’ll be writing tutorials, opinion pieces, ultimate guides, or case studies for their web designer, web developer, and other tech-friendly readers. Everything starts with a pitch and an outline. Their writer guidelines give you all the info you need to get it right.

65. Smithsonian Magazine

The Smithsonian magazine and website pay freelance writers for science and tech writing jobs

Want to write for THE Smithsonian Magazine or website? They accept unsolicited pitches from established freelance writers. You’ll need to build up a nice writer portfolio first. Competition will be fierce, so it’s probably a good idea to hone your pitching and writing skills elsewhere. Once you know how to write irresistible pitches, you’ll be ready to write for The Smithsonian. What kinds of science and tech topics do they want? Space exploration, human behavior, wildlife, our planet, innovation, energy, technology, medicine, and much more.

66. Software Testing Help Blog

Software Testing Help blog pays writers for freelance tech writing jobs

Know a thing or two about QA testing for software? The Software Testing Help blog wants to talk to you. Any topic software testers need help with is this blog’s primary focus. So let them know about all your skill sets and areas of expertise. You’ll need to show them some writing samples (they will accept unpublished samples too if you’re a new writer with lots of tech experience). Put together a resume that shows off your tech skills and knowledge. Once you’ve been accepted, they’ll provide writing topics and work with you to get them ready for publication.

67. T3 Magazine

T3 blog hires freelance writers for tech writing jobs

Do you love checking out new tech gadgets? T3 is a popular tech review site and magazine specializing in the everyday technology we use. Let’s face it, tech is everywhere now. You could review products for any of these categories: smart home, living, fitness, style, outdoors, lifestyle, travel, wellness, gaming, or plain ol’ tech. Have a look at their list of editors to find the right one for your pitches (and check out the types of products you would love to review on the site or in the magazine).

68. Tablet Online Magazine

Tablet magazine pays freelance writers for science writing jobs

Tablet is an online magazine and website dedicated to “Jewish news, ideas and culture.” The print magazine is on pause for the moment. But they’re still interested in your pitches for the website. Good news for freelance writers: they publish online material daily. They expect you to know what their online magazine is all about before you pitch them anything. Science writers: check out their Science department for ideas (or do site searches for your topic). Tablet will not accept finished articles, opinion pieces, or fiction.

69. Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch blog pays freelance writers for tech writing jobs

Don’t look for writer guidelines for Tech Crunch, you won’t find any. But we’ve got reports of decent-paying freelance jobs for this site. You’ll have to do your pitch research the old-fashioned way without any guidance from them. Not a problem. We’ve got a boatload of articles on that one. Check out one of our favs for nailing your pitch right here.

70. Technically

Technically pays writers for freelance tech writing jobs

Technically is a local east coast United States tech news site (Philadelphia, Delaware, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh areas). Rule number one: your pitch has to be relevant to their local readers. They’re open to most tech business-related topics like startups, internet policy & politics, creative digital marketing ideas, and many others. If you’re a member of any of the under-represented groups in the tech and business industries, they’d really love to hear from you (even if you have very little writing experience). Their writer guidelines offer some samples of what they love to publish. This could be a great opportunity for newer tech writers to get a byline.

71. Techopedia

Techopedia blog hires writers for freelance tech writing gigs

Freelance tech writers and experienced tech professionals: Techopedia wants you to write about artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity, programming languages, and much more. This is a tech site with a ton of published material. Do a site search on your areas of tech expertise (and see what types of articles they’ve already got). You can pitch ideas or work from their outlines. First, send them an email and introduce yourself (with a few writing samples included).

72. The American Scholar

The American Scholar magazine hires freelance writers for science and tech writing jobs

The American Scholar is a print magazine and website published quarterly for the Phi Beta Kappa Society. They’re looking for mostly non-fiction submissions (articles or essays on scientific topics are very welcome here). They accept work from “known and unknown writers” and being a “scholar” is not one of their requirements. Read the website and magazine to get an idea of their style (and to make sure your pitches are fresh enough to get their attention). This publication also wants you to know that every magazine issue has unsolicited stories in it (so keep sending in your irresistible pitches).

73. The Atlantic

The Atlantic pays freelance writers for tech and science writing jobs

Can you write for THE Atlantic printed or online magazine? Absolutely. Are you likely to get a yes on your first try? Well…you won’t know until you send it in. Do enough research (this means reading ALOT) and learn how to pitch well first. You might get a yes on your 10th or 15th try. Or sooner. Or later. Not surprisingly, The Atlantic doesn’t have writer guidelines (like most of the big publications). So read the science and tech sections (religiously) and research heavily any ideas you have before you pitch them.

74. The Block Crypto

The Block pays writers for freelance tech writing jobs

The Block Crypto blog is looking for tech and finance freelance writers for their cryptocurrency site. They regularly post on Twitter (so follow them and network with them before you send in your pitch ideas). You can also apply for a full-time gig with them (check their job listings on the site). Writing experience and a nice writer’s portfolio are more important to them than a ton of cryptocurrency experience (although it’s a huge bonus if you’ve got it). No writer guidelines here, so do your research the old-fashioned way before pitching them.

75. The Diplomat

The Diplomat pays writers for freelance science and tech writing jobs

The Diplomat is a print magazine and website dedicated to reports, commentary, and analysis of the Asian continent and Pacific islands Heads up science writers, this publication regularly publishes environmental topics (so check out this department). They are mostly interested in original reporting and analysis. They accept pitches and completed articles. If you’d like to be paid for your work, make sure to say so in your pitch. Paid work must be requested (and agreed to) at the beginning.

76. The FinTech Times

The Fintech Times hires writers for freelance tech writing gigs

The Fintech Times is a UK bimonthly newspaper and website publishing on all the finance tech topics. Do you like writing about financial technology matters like artificial intelligence, banking, cybersecurity, blockchain, insurance tech, and lending? You won’t find any writer guidelines, but we hear they hire freelance writers (so go check out their site and see if it’s a good fit for you). Not sure how to do that? Check out the Ultimate Pre Pitch Checklist (it’s got everything you need to find out before you pitch on it).

77. The Guardian

The Guardian hires freelance writers for science and tech writing jobs

The Guardian daily printed and online newspaper will consider unsolicited articles or pitches on speculation (that means they can say no after you’ve turned in your completed story). They don’t usually assign work to unknown writers (basically writers they haven’t worked with in the past). The good news is once they know you better, you might be able to get a commissioned assignment. Read heavily in the science and tech sections before pitching (you’ve got the US, UK, and Australian editions to consider). The Guardian doesn’t provide much guidance for submissions, so it’s up to you to research what the editors expect.

78. The Ken

The Ken hires freelance writers for tech and science writing gigs.

The Ken website’s main focus is business news related to India and Southeast Asia. Technology, Startups, Science, Healthcare, Retail, and Education are all highly desirable subjects. They will accept stories on other subjects, but not often. What are they looking for? According to them, articles that are “fact-based, reported, analytical, and with a sharp point of view.” When you’re ready to pitch, just fill out the form (and notice how the “So what?” part of the form requires WAY more details-hint, hint).

79. The Relevator

The Revelator hires science writers for freelance writing jobs

The Revelator is a news platform for the Center for Biological Diversity looking for freelance science writers for their environmentally-conscious readership. Stories they want to hear more about: managing transitions, finding solutions, new and developing threats, the big picture, environmental justice, and much more. Read through their blog (and nicely detailed writer guidelines) before sending in your pitch.

80. The Verge

The Verge pays tech and science writers for freelance writing gigs

The Verge wants to talk about as they put it ” the ways that technology and science are changing the way we live.” They publish stories on technology, science, and entertainment (and more importantly where these three come together). Think in-depth analysis or op-ed essays on any way entertainment, science, and technology combine. Research the site (as they strongly recommend) before you pitch them.

81. Time Magazine

Time Magazine hires freelance writers for tech writing jobs.

Want to write for THE Time Magazine and website? You definitely can. But as with all the big-name publications, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Lots of research and reading to find out what your favorite editors and sections want. You won’t find any writer guidelines for pitching Time (no surprise there). For tech and science writers looking for a byline in Time Magazine, start reading everything they publish on your subject and researching your own pitch ideas. Not sure how to pitch? Check out our blogging pitch template (that regularly gets the yes).

  • Homepage: https://time.com/
  • Contributor info: You can read their very thorough guidelines on reporting news and here’s their list of editors and staff.
  • Pay: We hear 22 to 50 cents a word (for 1200 words or more).
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, a short one with a photo and maybe a link.

82. Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point hires tech writers for freelance writing jobs.

Tutorials Point runs a tech learning membership. If you’re a tech writer with tons of experience working in any technology field, chances are Tutorials Point wants to talk with you. Software quality management, Java, mainframes, web development, telecommunications, SAP, and many others are on their wish list. They’ll need to see some writing samples (unpublished samples are fine if you’re brand new with lots of tech experience).

83. UX Booth

UX Booth pays tech writers for freelance writing gigs.

Got a passion for UX (and a boatload of experience)? The UX Booth blog is looking for tech writers with user experience skills to write for them. Their writer submission guidelines are (as you might expect) well thought out and easy to understand. Take a look at their blog to get a sense of their style (and topics that have already got a yes). Makes sure your pitch fits their guidelines before you send it off.

84. Vice

Vice pays science and tech writers for freelance writing jobs.

Vice is a huge lifestyle site with tons of viral videos and articles (and guess what, they hire freelance tech writers). If tech writing is your thing, read the tech department to get an idea of what floats their boat. They’re especially looking for original reports, essays, and first-person stories. You could even do an article on another person’s first-person story. And for those of you with a great idea, Vice is looking for pitches for series and columns too.

85. Vonage

Vonage hires tech writers for freelance writing jobs.

Vonage is hiring tech writers to create tutorials (but not just any old tutorial). They want tutorials about how to do something unique and helpful with their products (they’re in the telecommunications and VOIP – voice over IP – business). If you’ve got a talent for tech and code, they’re more than happy to help you with the wordsmithing part (if you’re a new tech writer). Their writer guidelines are well-written and very easy to follow (check them out along with their other articles).

86. Vox

Vox blog pays freelance writers for tech and science writing jobs.

Vox is a gigantic website that you’ve likely run into on social media already. They cover just about everything worth reporting about. Tech and science writers: read their Science & Health, Technology, and Energy & Environment departments for pitch ideas. Then go follow your preferred editors on social media. Not surprisingly, you won’t find writer guidelines, so you’ll have to do your own research.

87. Web Design Tuts Plus

Envato Tuts plus Web Design pays tech writers for freelance writing jobs.

Are you a wiz at WordPress or CSS? You can make money writing tutorials for Tuts Plus Web Design (using your HTML, CSS, WordPress, and other web-building platform skills). If you know how to set up something on Shopify or WooCommerce, speed up a slow website, or even choose the best plugins and website themes, take a look at Envato Tuts+ Web Design courses, tutorials, and guides to get a feel for how it works.

88. Wired

Wired magazine and website hire tech and science writers for freelance writing gigs.

Wired Magazine and website want you to write stories about how technology, science, and innovation are changing the way we live, think, and do pretty much anything. They tend to accept pitches for their Ideas section the most (essays or feature stories usually). They do occasionally say yes to pitches for their Business, Science, or Service sections too (but in smaller numbers). Their pay rates are based on the length and difficulty of the article (not on whether it’s published in the magazine or the site).

  • Homepage: Wired US or Wired UK
  • Contributor info: Check out the Wired UK submission guidelines or Wired US pitching guidelines
  • Pay: $1+ a word (so $250 for shorter pieces and $2500+ for features).
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, a few sentences with links.

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