A information on how one can syndicate weblog content material to different web sites


In this guide on how to syndicate blog content to other websites, we will focus on organic blog marketing.

There are many different ways that you can organically submit your content to platforms to make it accessible to communities.

By following these strategies and creating the kind of content any community demands, you will have the opportunity to increase traffic, acquire subscribers, and grow your blog.

Before we start, let’s post a list of places you can syndicate your content:

This list is very extensive and a great resource for syndicating your content to other websites.

Again, marketing your blog by organically syndicating your content isn’t easy, but it has proven to be a good strategy for many bloggers.

Let’s get to the strategies.

Shovel it

Scoop.it is something you might have seen on LinkedIn or Twitter. It’s a content curation tool that people typically use to build communities through social media.

People using Scoop.it summarize content that is useful to a target audience. Scoop.it summarizes this content in an online newspaper format so that the audience can easily see the main page and choose the articles that look the most interesting.

The idea of ​​Scoop.it is to curate content from across the web. The secret, however, is that people are simply looking for useful, interesting, and entertaining content.

Here’s how to use Scoop.it to syndicate your content for an audience to read.

Step 1 – Choose a popular topic from your blog

Start with a popular topic on your blog. If you are a doctor, the topic could be articles on proper eating or a specific illness.

Step 2 – Curate your best content for the topic

Take a look at your analysis and add the best articles to Scoop.it. Do this every week to create weekly Scoop.it collections of your best articles on your popular topics.

Step 3 – Share your Scoop.it with your social communities

When you’re done, share your Scoop.it collections with your social media audience. Share it several times. Integrate with Buffer that we mentioned earlier. This allows you to schedule updates to share your curated content several times a week on Scoop.it.

Step 4 – Create more topics

Once you’ve done it for one topic, add more topics to it. You can do this with existing articles from your archives. If possible, add new articles and supplement them with other articles from the Internet.

If you use other items from the internet, please refer to the items you recorded and encourage them to share your collection. They will share theirs and yours content when they do.

Step 5 – Create Email Newsletters

Use your Scoop.it to create email newsletters. This is the type of content email subscribers like to get on a weekly basis. It’s a great way to keep these people busy with your email program, and you can meddle in your marketing updates to keep the calls to action going.

Hacker News

Hacker News is part of the Y Combinator Incubator. People from the tech and online marketing worlds submit the collection of articles. They form another strong community of people who come together to curate and share interesting articles and content from across the internet.

Hacker News has a similar community to Inbound.org, but may be a little more tech and development leaning. If your blog is a good fit for this type of community, chances are your articles will do well on the website.

Here are a few steps to try your hand at Hacker News.

Step 1 – Comment on Popular Posts

Commenting is one of the best ways to start building your profile on Hacker News. It’s difficult to get in and share articles right away. People might click if the title is intriguing, but people will also look at your profile to see who you are.

Commenting on popular posts will build your reputation. You pay it up before submitting your own content.

Give first. Second, share.

Step 2 – Share content from across the web

You can always see the most popular content in the Hacker Messages in the “Best” section. You will find that many of the topics are technology related. You have a unique perspective that the community shares on Hacker News.

Here is what the community seems to like best:

  • Personal Stories of Success and Pain (see: Why I Turned Down $ 5M VC Funding)
  • Hacks, Interesting Ways to Build Message Skills (see: How To Play Chess Fast)
  • Shocking technical news (see: Google Account Vulnerability)
  • Virtual reality and machines (see: high frequency dating)

Use these four criteria to find articles and content on the Internet. Share those that have likely not yet been shared on the site (see: Guidelines).

Step 3 – Share your own content

If you build your profile with comments and solid shares from the internet, you can add your own content.

If you want the best chance of success in the community, create content based on the four criteria above. These will give you the best chance of having something that is working well and send traffic back to your blog.


Like the elements previously mentioned here, Reddit is a place where all kinds of content can be shared with a large community of online users.

Here’s how to make Reddit a success, the home page of the internet. This will be similar to the other communities here, including Hacker News.

Step 1 – Build your profile by commenting on niche relevant topics

Just like with Hacker News, creating your profile on Reddit can really help you gain respect. The Reddit community values ​​people who take the time to add something to the community. It’s a sarcastic community that values ​​funny, clever comments.

Short, snappy comments that are wise are appreciated. This includes personal stories that you can tell in the comments to build on popular content that has been shared.

Adding these type of comments will give you upvotes for your posts which will create your profile for later when you want to share your own content.

Step 2 – Share the type of content your niche Reddit audience loves

Here is the type of content that Reddit seems to like the most in general:

  • Clever, shocking, or awkward memes (see: Grandma Holds a Gun)
  • Amazing Stories of Science (see: Road Pipes Popping Out From Under The Road)
  • Shocking Historical Facts (see: Today I Learned The Government Benefit From Student Loans)

There are many other types of content that do well, but these are three good types of content to target. However, on Reddit, you are not targeting the general Reddit audience. Start by starting your target niche. There are tons of different categories.

Share content from the internet that meets these criteria and share it in your niche.

Step 3 – Share your own content

Eventually, when you build your reputation as a strong contributor to the community, you can start sharing your own content. Publish content that meets the criteria for successful posting and you have the highest chance of success.


Slashdot is a community that submits and shares various blog posts, articles, and other types of content from across the internet. When you publish a new post, send it to Slashdot. If necessary, make adjustments to your entry to comply with the submission guidelines.


Submit your blog feed to Alltop. Find the niche that best suits your blog. Your last post will appear at the top of the feed and you will have instant access to the thousands of users on Alltop looking for great content like yours.

Bloglovin ‘

On bloglovin ‘, find your blog’s url and follow it. This will put your blog on the list that other followers can follow.

For more blog directories and syndication sites, see this post:


Syndicating your content is another great way to market your blog.

We have introduced you to a few strategies you can use to syndicate your content on the web. Some others involve building small communities, which we discussed in other posts. This is a recurring theme in blog marketing and will serve you well in marketing your blog and its posts.

Want more? For more tips on growing your blog, check out our other guides on building your blog audience.


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