Breaking Via: A Christians Journey to Community Marketing Success by George Madiou, Rod Nichols, Paperback


Tim is a struggling network marketer. His wife urges him to stop. His friends think he is crazy and avoid him at social gatherings. Frustrated and ready to give up, he decides to give his company one last chance at a corporate meeting in Hawaii. There he hopes to find the magical answers to the success and the life of his dreams. A surprising encounter changes Tim’s life and reveals the real secrets of network marketing success.

Network marketing veterans Rod Nichols and George Madiou wrote an entertaining story with engaging characters. This book is packed with real trade secrets that could change your life and the development of your network marketing business. If you can relate to Tim, breaking through is a must.

Rod Nichols began his network marketing career in 1979. He has built several large networks and continues to generate residual income from two of these networks. He is also a pastor and author of numerous books, including his latest, True disciple.

George Madiou has a passion for helping serious network marketers achieve financial success in their businesses and lives. For the past 15 years, George has been the founder and editor of Network Marketing Magazine. He is the creator of the 27% success training system, one of the most effective MLM education platforms on the market today.


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