Community Marketing continues to develop in Costa Rica.


Network marketing, known as direct selling, or network marketing multi-stage, is the one to which companies offering their products or services directly to the consumer, through distributors or independent contractors, are engaged in order to avoid mass advertising and eliminate the chain of mediation of a traditional distribution system.

A business model with many advantages

network Marketing is a business model that among the benefits to those who run it is that it has very low startup costs with great potential for income. Some of the most famous around the world are Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, and Avon. These four companies had sales of more than $ 20,000 million in 2019.

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In Costa Rica some of these companies are affiliated with ACEVED, the Costa Rican Association of Direct Selling Companies. The 20 partners are: 4Life, Amway, Arabella, Tupperware, Avon, doTerra, Styles, Fuxion, Just, Herbalife, Ganoitouch, Jeunesse, L’Bel, Leonisa, Nice, Nikken, Omnilife, Oriflame, RenaWare and Young Living.

In addition, there are many others who offer the opportunity to do business in the country such as: B. Max International, Zrii and iBuumerang. The latter enters Costa Rica with a travel savings platform, an online share Market academy, and its Zence products.

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