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This is a step-by-step guide that shows how I used UDIMI Solo Ads to make money using Supremedia’s Financial Lead Gen offerings

If you’re interested in funnels, lead generation, and email list building, you’ve probably heard of UDIMI. It’s an extremely popular resource for funnel hackers and clickfunnels users. Many Clickbank partners also rely on this service to drive traffic. But did you know that you can use UDIMI solo ads and drive traffic to CPA offers that pay at least $ 1,000 per conversion?

In this guide, I am going to introduce you to an amazing way to make money online with lead gen financial offers and promote them with SOLO ADS traffic from UDIMI.

To get started you need to have a few things.

# 1) You need an account with UDIMI, click here to create one.
# 2) You need an account with Supremedia, click here to sign up.
# 3) Domain name and web host to host your landing page

Gathering the marketing materials for my solo advertising campaign

Talking to your Supreme Media account manager is the first step, you can reach them via Skype, Telegram or email. (I prefer telegram).

I started by asking which Geos had the highest payouts and my representative (Ilano) told me that Australis is on fire right now and they can offer to pay XXXX USD for an active lead. He also told me that DESKTOP traffic performs best and has a higher chance of conversion.

When I asked if he has any proven landing pages / angles that work, he sent a zip file with the best landers that can be used right now. (That’s great because programming and design aren’t my favorite things to do and I really give a shit about it).

I looked at some of the angles and liked the one where the average Joe heard of an investment opportunity and made a few million dollars after trying his luck on that investment, so I asked my co-worker if they would upload it to my domain name could for me and add my tracking link pointing to my supremedia account.

All they needed was my ftp info and a few minutes later he told me that everything was ready for rock and roll.

Purchase of UDIMI’s solo ad traffic

NOTE: After you have signed in, you will need to verify your account and fill out your profile. This can take some time and costs $ 10. Alternatively, you can order a small traffic test for around $ 25 to get this done faster.

Assuming you’ve verified your account (or placed a test order with Udimi), it’s time to find solo ad sellers to shop with.

We will test traffic in Australia for this offer. So I want to click on FIND SELLER, then click the down arrow to expand the advanced search options and look for MAIN TRAFFIC SOURCE and select AUSTRALIA.

udimi make money tutorial

I got a result of 12 games as follows:

Generate finance leads with udimi solo ads

So what I’m going to do is reach out to each of them individually via live chat and ask something very important.

NOTE: Many new Solo Ad buyers believe that good Quality Solo Ad is a high opt-in rate and a Tier 1 country. They don’t really care which device the click came from; but we do it because our AM at Supremedia told us that DESKTOP converts best. Logically we only need AUSTRALIA and DESKTOP traffic. NO CELLPHONE.

Communicate with the Solo Ad Sellers

When contacting me, my first message is simple:

How To Use Udimi Solo Ads To Make Money On CPA Offers - Spend $ 150 To Generate $ 1000 In Sales!

After sending the DMs, you have to wait for a response. The thing about solo ads is you really need to look for people who are honest and who sell real solo ads.

There are many scammers reselling other people’s solo ads that will sell you a mix of solo ads and funnel clicks and / or paid ads. Then there are the really big scammers who will sell you extra traffic that will never, ever join your subsequent sequence.

I have an answer like this (they want to know what I need traffic for so they can confirm that they are targeting my offering right)

How To Use Udimi Solo Ads To Make Money On CPA Offers - Spend $ 150 To Generate $ 1000 In Sales!

There was a lot going back and forth, of the 12, 4 didn’t answer after 8 hours and 4 said yes and 4 said no. Unfortunately, neither of them said yes to both Desktop and Australia, so I went for AU & Mix of Desktop & Mobile.

I’ve made sure my landing page is fully responsive and looks good on mobile and desktop alike.

I used a special click tracking link where I tagged the URLs on the countries so I know which seller is sending which traffic. So if there are conversions, I can trace them back. I didn’t use redtrack now because I wanted to do a quick test. For big click purchases in solo ads, I highly recommend using a tracker to filter for scams and bots, but for this little test, it’s not worth spending my time setting up tracking.

NOTE: If you are interested in how to use RedTrack to track your SOLO ADS campaigns, check out this tutorial here.

Anyway, I placed my order as follows. You can use the following table layout for your own SOLO ADS purchase from Udimi:

udimi solo ad campaign

The results are in – $ 150 in spending and $ 1000 in sales!?!

After placing the orders, I sent a message to all of the sellers to make sure we were 100% clear as follows:

“Hello, as discussed, I only ordered AUSTRALIA. Plan so that clicks will be delivered from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM AUSTRALIAN time zone. That is VERY, VERY important. “

Australia is still many hours ahead of me (I live in Central Europe). After I went to bed, the clicks started around 4 a.m. That was noon in Sydney, Australia.

I woke up at 7:30 am, made my coffee and then checked the stats.

GOOD NEWS: It turned out that of the $ 150 that got me 300 clicks, I was getting an active conversion that resulted in $ 1000 in revenue on Supremedia. To be honest, I didn’t expect a conversion, so I have no idea which device / operating system / platform / what time of day the conversion took place.

However, I do know which seller it is from as I’ve tagged my sellers at Supreme Media with their own listing URLs.


Key takeaways from my $ 150 test with SOLO ADS in Australia

– Always use a third party tracker like RedTrack to know 100% who converted.

-Test sending to an advertorial vs. sending directly to the landing page. Again you never know. I ran an advertorial here, expecting nothing, because I was only testing who has traffic in AU and whether they can deliver. But it resulted in 1 active lead which is insane.

– UDIMI solo ads work IF YOU do things differently than most people who are completely ignorant of solo ads. (Ask them about country-specific traffic, ask about device failures).

How do I scale a Solo Ads campaign on UDIMI?

It seems to me that SOLO ADS sellers have mostly tier 1 traffic. They all focus on American subscribers most of the time, which makes sense as American visitors tend to whip out their credit cards easily and buy anything and everything – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an option outside of the US-

There is actually a benefit that most people are buying USA traffic because that makes Solo Ads for Financial Lead Gen a really great option in other countries, especially for those on a budget.

Here I only spent ~ $ 150 to generate $ 1000 in sales, sure I would have been lucky, but this is how affiliate marketing works. The best way to optimize your luck is to run small tests in different geos using the top landing pages / angles you see on Facebook ads, native and push ads.

Can You Make Money With Solo Ads & Financial Lead Gen Offers?

As you can see, you can! It’s also 10x easier than buying PPC ads because you don’t have to create ads / angles, design creatives, set up campaigns, or worry about your ad account getting banned.

With solo ads, all you need to do is do your solo ad seller review process really well and make sure you’re getting high quality Solo ad clicks.

Udimi’s PRIME account system can give you this. You can buy it for any solo ad order, or you can just get the monthly package which makes it cheaper. I used it to make sure I was getting premium traffic and it worked fine (which shocked me for that first run).

To get started with solo ads, click here to create a UDIMI account and make sure you sign up for an account with Supremedia here to receive all of the high payout offers.

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