Get Paid $50 to $2000 to Write for Type & Design Blogs and Magazines


Looking to cash in on your love of beautiful things?

You really can make some moolah writing about fashion, beauty, interior design, gardens, and even architecture and building design.

Anyone who’s tried to redo their kitchen or create a new, original look from scratch has learned it the hard way. Not everyone has a talent for decorating spaces or people.

If you’ve got this gift, stop pretending it’s no big deal.

But wait a minute…what kinds of credentials do you need to write about style, design, or architecture? They’re not just going to pay you because you can color coordinate like the wind, are they?

Do You Need a Degree in Architecture to Write about Home Design?

Ummm…it depends.

A working knowledge of the basics of building design, construction, and architecture will make your career in design writing much smoother.

Can you ask experts in these fields really great questions? This is a must-have skill here. If the readers of said blog or magazine aren’t architects, you’ll be a much better writer than someone who keeps forgetting that other people don’t understand complicated technical jargon.

Knowing just enough about building design and construction is a good thing (but too much knowledge could be a problem).

And yes, this list has publications with readers who are neither builders nor architects.

You’ll find some sites that require a stronger background in these fields (most of these types of publications want you to write critical analyses about other people’s projects).

Plenty of room for you regardless of your training and experience.

What Do Design Writers Really Write About?

Can you tell the story of a beautiful space?

It could be a nook, a wall, a garden, a room, a home, a building, a neighborhood, or something even larger like a city (yep, urban planning works here too).

How did it go from ugly duckling to its current stunning reality? You could even write a story about what went wrong with a design project for some sites.

Taking outstanding photos will always be a must-have in any design article, so upping your camera skills will help you get more writing jobs in this niche.

Design stories come in many different forms. I bet you’ve already got a few fav magazines. Start paying attention to which ones love to do personal profiles, photo essays, design project narratives, lists, or mini DIY decor projects (and any other article types on your preferred topics).

Pay attention to what they love to publish and your pitches are more likely to get accepted.

Can You Make Money as a Beauty & Fashion Writer?

Are you dreaming of a byline in Cosmo, Teen Vogue, or New York Magazine?

Or maybe another famous magazine and website publishing beauty, fashion, and personal style stories. Well, first the good news: you can definitely get paid to write for these pubs.

Now for the less-than-wonderful news: you and an army of fashionistas are fantasizing about the same thing. On the upside, the need for these trendy articles is never-ending (and what you wrote last week is already old news).

Start studying your treasure trove of style magazines and blogs. And this time instead of making note of the latest trends, pay attention to the types of articles they publish on your fav fashion and beauty topics.

Pro tip: when you’re ready to up your style writing game, try pitching the brands that advertise in those publications.

American Gardener

The American Gardener hires freelance writers for gardening gigs.

.American Gardener the American Horticultural Society’s primary publication is mostly freelance written. Good news for freelance garden writers. Their readers are amateur gardeners with lots of experience. Some of the topics they’re looking for are horticulturalist profiles, garden design, plant research, plant conservation, and much more. Read through the website and digital version of the magazine (you can read some articles without being a member). They only want pitches for stories.


Archinect pays writers for freelance design writing jobs.

Archinect is a well-established news and networking hub for experienced and aspiring architects (and related interior and exterior designers). We hear reports that they hire and pay writers. Instead of searching for writer guidelines, check out their site (it’s huge, by the way). Start networking with their editors on social media. If building, interior, or landscape design is your fav subject, this could be a great place to connect with others (plus pick up some writing gigs too).

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info:
  • Pay: We hear 15 cents a word for a 1000-word story.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, a few sentences with a photo. You get a bigger one on your writer’s page plus a few links.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest hires writers for freelance design gigs.

Got a design project you’d love to write for Architectural Digest Magazine? Good news for you. It’s the only type of pitch this magazine and website is currently asking for. And since they get plenty of pitches, let’s make sure yours makes it to the yes pile. They even wrote an article about how to do it (below). Not exactly writer guidelines, but still very good advice. And considering how well they pay, definitely worth the effort. Make sure to check out similar articles too.

Architectural Record

The Architectural Record pays freelance writers for design writing jobs.

The Architectural Record hires freelance writers. If building design (or interior design) is your dream writing job, take a look at their writer guidelines. They’ve even got an updated editorial calendar to check out (and a super-detailed list of editors too). You’ll definitely want to pitch them a story idea (not a completed article). Find a fit for their magazine sections to have a better chance at a yes (they’re always looking to fill holes in regular columns and sections).

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine and site pay writers for freelance design writing gigs.

As you might expect, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine is looking for design project stories to publish. So if you want to pitch an article idea, consider a design project (after you’ve done your research on this publication). Submission guidelines are slim here, so you’ll have to dig into the site and magazine for those crucial clues that will get you a byline. Don’t send completed manuscripts (and make sure they know you’re a freelance writer).

Best Pickist

Best Pickist blog pays writers for freelance style writing jobs

The Best Pickist blog specializes in reviews, roundup posts, buying guides, and other article types that help you make buying decisions. If you’re a style or design writer, you can review products, write how-to guides, do interviews, or organize lists that help their readers decorate their homes, gardens, or themselves better. Their website is enormous, but a quick site search in your area of genius will quickly give you some ideas. Instead of sending in a pitch, you need to apply to be a paid writer. They also accept guest posts pitches (if you’re not looking for payment for your writing services).

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens magazine hires writers for freelance design writing gigs.

Better Homes and Gardens uses freelance writers for about 10% of its articles. The writer guidelines are on the light side. Our recommendation: make sure your idea strongly appeals to their readers (and isn’t already published). That means read the site and get clear on who their readers are. They’d really prefer that you send a query and not a finished article. Send your query to the “department where the storyline is the strongest.” And you’ll have to mail it to them. Really…snail mail it to them.

Building Performance Association

Building Performance pays freelance writers for construction and design writing jobs

Home Energy is now Building Performance Association through a merger of a handful of groups who share their vision for a more clean and energy-efficient world. They’ve got a blog and an Ejournal (plus a new editor-in-chief who’s also open to relevant sponsored content). Less into beautiful designs and more about ways to boost energy efficiency and reduce pollution, take a look at their journal and blog for more ideas. Their readers are industry professionals looking to stay up-to-date on this fast-moving field.


Bust magazine pays freelance writers for style writing jobs.

Both the magazine and the blog have departments dedicated to Style for you to pitch. Bust calls itself a feminist lifestyle magazine (so you may find even more design writing opportunities with just a little searching). We strongly recommend you find a few editors on social media to connect with before you pitch anything (to avoid getting lost in the generic magazine email inbox). And remember to be patient. It takes 2 to 3 months to hear back from them usually.


Bustle magazine hires writers for freelance style writing jobs

You can write style and fashion stories for Bustle. They like first-person stories, interviews, buzz-worthy features, and even personal essays. The writer guidelines will help give you some ideas about getting a yes (just make sure to do your own research on other similar stories too). And remember to pitch the right editor (depending on the subject of your pitch). While you’re at it, do some networking with said editors on social media to up your chances of getting the answer you want.


Buzzfeed pays writers for freelance style writing jobs

Yes, this enormous lifestyle site hires freelance writers. And good news for design and style freelance writers, Buzzfeed is actively asking for beauty, lifestyle, and pop culture pitches (do some research and see if your ideas fit these sections). You can still pitch them anything else if it fits their blog’s readership of Millenials and Generation Z. A quick look at any section of this site will tell you they really love list posts, how-to guides, and explainers. Keep it in mind while crafting your pitches.

Canadian Living Magazine

Canadian Living magazine pays writers for freelance design writing jobs

Canadian Living Magazine and site publish a ton of home design, garden, and style stories. And word on the street (according to reports) is they hire freelance writers too. Of course, you’ll have to do all the sleuthing (find the editors on social, read their articles to figure out what to pitch them, and email your pitches). If you need a little help, check out this article on what real blog editors look for in your pitches.

Charleston Design and Style

Charleston Style and Design magazine hires freelance writers for design writing jobs

Live near Charleston, South Carolina or the Low Country area in the US? If you’re a style or design writer, you might already know about Charleston Design and Style Magazine and its website. They publish stories about design projects from interesting builders, architects, and interior decorators (plus fashion and art). They definitely hire freelance writers (and pay decent rates). Go check them out and send them a pitch or two.

Chatelaine Magazine

Chatelaine magazine hires writers for freelance style writing gigs.

Chatelaine publishes plenty of fashion and style stories (even though they are more known for their health and wellness articles). This Canadian lifestyle magazine and blog have plenty of room for everything their readers want (so make sure your ideas fit their readers too). Remember to specify whether it’s for the magazine or the website when sending in your pitch (and they only want pitches, not completed articles). Be patient. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for them to make a decision about your ideas.


Cosmopolitan pays freelance writers for style writing jobs.

Can you write style and design stories for Cosmo? Yes. Will you get a yes on your first try? Ummm…maybe. Hey, you’ll need to be a little more persistent with any big well-known magazine (or its blog). But we know people who have (read this freelance writer’s advice right here about getting a byline in Cosmopolitan). This publication accepts pitches from freelance writers (and they definitely say yes to some of them). Time to do your research and networking.

Culture Eater

Culture Eater blog hires freelance writers for style writing jobs

Want to write about fashion and style? The Culture Eater blog pays writers for entertainment and style feature articles. They’re not offering much guidance on what to pitch them, but you should get the idea with a little research. Read up on a few style articles in this Australian blog to see if you’re a good fit.


Curbed pays writers for freelance design writing jobs

Curbed puts out content about building design, interior decor, and real estate. They’ve been doing it for a really long time in internet years (since 2006). Now they are part of New York Magazine and Vox Media. Lots of opportunities for design writers to pitch some great ideas here. But do your own research on pitches and editors first.

Dallas Style and Design

Dallas Style and Design magazine pays freelance writers for design writing jobs

Design and style writers living near Dallas, Texas, you’ve got a local magazine and website putting out articles about design and building projects (and other beautiful things) for their affluent readers. And we hear Dallas Style and Design hires freelance writers too. Have a look at the site and digital magazine (sorry, no real writer guidelines here). You’ll find their list of editors in the magazine.


Dwell magazine pays freelance writers for style writing jobs

Dwell is a different type of home design and interior style magazine. You can pitch their Home Tours, Tiny Homes, Off the Grid, Before & After, Budget Breakdown, Rental Revamp, Real Estate, New Normal, and Where We Live Now sections. They’re not focused on luxury and high-end projects, their stories are more practical and helpful to readers with a budget. We still recommend you do some research to find editors’ names (so you can email them directly).

Elle Decor

Elle Decor magazine hires writers for freelance design writing gigs

We hear Elle Decor pays freelance writers downright decent pay. Check out their Design + Decorate, Remodel + Renovate, and even their Shopping sections on the website (or thumb through a print copy) to get some clues on what types of stories they want. As usual, big-name magazines don’t always give you tips and tricks for sending in a winning pitch. You’ll also have to do your own research on editors’ names and emails. But the pay is worth the trouble if you’re looking for a byline in this well-known design mag and blog.

EQ Living

Equestrian Living magazine hires freelance writers for design writing jobs.

Equestrian Living Magazine and their website publish stories for their equestrian society readers. Fashion, style, art, and of course equestrian sports are right up their alley. In fact, visits and tours of their stunning stables, horse ranches, and beautiful homes are also popular with their audience (because let’s face it, style is a huge part of this hobby).


Esquire pays writers for freelance style writing jobs.

Wanna write style stories for Esquire? Good news, they hire freelance writers. More good news, you get to do your own research (although they were nice enough to give you a detailed list of their editors). Head straight to the Style department and get to reading and researching. You may find even more design writing opportunities with a little research. We strongly recommend you network with editors on social to increase your odds of getting a yes.

Failed Architecture

The Failed Architecture blog pays freelance writers for design writing jobs

The Failed Architecture blog wants more people talking about architectural design’s main objective (which isn’t about creating dysfunctional, beautiful spaces). They’re looking for photo essays, op-eds, case studies, reviews, interviews, or any content that supports its purpose. Send pitches only please (and keep it short). Their goal is to bring this message to a wider audience (so avoid academic jargon). Read through the blog to get a better idea.

Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening magazine hires freelance writers for style writing gigs.

Attention freelance garden writers, Fine Gardening Magazine pays decent money for stories. They don’t really offer any guidance on what to pitch. You’ll have to do your own research by checking out their blog and magazine. If building design is your jam, you could check out their Fine Homebuilding Magazine too (same publisher, Taunton Press).

Fine Homebuilding

Fine Homebuilding magazine hires writers for freelance design writing jobs.

Fine Homebuilding Magazine needs articles for its contractor, homeowner, and architect readers. They publish stories about building new homes and renovating older ones. As a design and style writer, you can definitely pitch them on completed design projects, step-by-step articles for redesigning rooms. and more. Take a look at the articles on the site to get an idea of how to structure your article ideas. If you also have experience in construction, home building, and architecture, you’ll have even more pitching options. Or pair up with a builder looking for some PR. This publication needs tons of photos (think, before, during, and after).


Glamour magazine hires writers for freelance style writing jobs

Can you write style stories for Glamour Magazine? Probably. You’ve got work to do. They’re not giving you many clues about how to do it. At least their list of editors is available (huge time saver, trust me). But as far as figuring out what pitches they prefer, you’ve got some reading, skimming, and analyzing to do. Start networking with the Style editors too.

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info: Check out their list of editors.
  • Pay: We hear 14 cents a word (online article) to 27 cents a word (feature story).
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, a few sentences.

Green Prints

Green Prints magazine pays freelance writers for garden writing jobs

Tired of writing how-to gardening articles? Green Prints Magazine doesn’t want any of that either. What do they want? Great stories about gardening. Personal, moving, deep, funny, silly, or any other flavor is fine. Stories about you and your plants, your struggles, your successes, and what you’ve learned along the way, for example. Read a few on the website to get the idea. They’ll even consider fiction occasionally. Just remember to be patient. Chances are you’ll get an answer (just not quickly).

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping magazine pays writers for freelance design writing jobs

Yes, you can write style and design stories for Good Housekeeping. First, we recommend you do some networking and follow their editors on social. The more they know who you are, the more they’ll consider your pitch ideas (if they’re a good fit, of course). They get pitched a lot. So you’ve got your work cut out for you. Do the research and send a pitch their readers would love to read (and keep doing it until you get the answer you want). By the way, you’ll have to send it to them the old-fashioned way, snail mail (at least the first time).

Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms magazine pays writers for freelance gardening writing gigs

Hobby Farms (and its sister publication Chickens) helps small farmers with helpful articles about starting and maintaining a successful farm. Urban, rural, and even suburban farmers follow their advice. We hear they pay decent rates for freelance articles. But they’re not giving out advice about how to pitch them. You’ll have to get to know their readers through their already published material. Once you’ve done your research, pitch them something their subscribers can’t resist.

Homestead Blog

Homestead blog pays writers for freelance gardening writing jobs

Got some practical advice for aspiring homesteaders? The Homestead blog might pay you to write about it. Send them an email with 3 pitch ideas. Before you do that, go over their already-published posts to make sure your ideas are fresh and new. Their writer guidelines give you plenty of details to help you do it.

Honolulu Magazine

Honolulu magazine pays freelance writers for design writing gigs

Are you a freelance design and style writer living in Hawaii? Well, this magazine and blog are all about Hawaii (even though its name is Honolulu Magazine). But it’s not for the tourists. This baby is dedicated to the locals. They’ve got staff writers but regularly hire freelance writers too. Check out the real estate, design, and style articles (written for their well-educated and successful readership). You can send pitches or finished articles (although we recommend pitches).

Hospitality Design

Hospitality Design hires freelance writers for design writing gigs.

Heads up! Hospitality Design Magazine is a trade magazine for the people who design, build, and decorate hotels, restaurants, clubs, spas, and all the other fun places we love to go to in our free time. Here’s your chance to write about the people and the places in this industry (flip through the digital edition for more details). You can pitch them, but we recommend sending an LOI (letter of introduction) with a few ideas.


Jezebel hires writers for freelance style writing jobs

Jezebel definitely has a Style category on their blog. Read up on it, freelance style writers looking for writing gigs. They were nice enough to give you a list of editors (below), but not too much guidance on how or what to pitch them. Folllow these editors on social media (Twitter and Linkedin usually). We know they hire freelance writers, so keep pitching them through email and engaging with them on social (so they recognize your name when it hits their inbox).

Landscape Architecture Magazine

Landscape Architecture Magazine hires freelance writers for design writing gigs

Landscape Architecture Magazine and blog creates content for their professional and aspiring landscape architect readers (but also architects, engineers, public officials, real estate developers, and others who work with them). Writing about your own projects is frowned on (so networking and interviewing landscape architects for ideas is a great way to find winning pitches). Make sure to read their wonderfully helpful writer guidelines too.

Luxe Design and Interiors

Luxe Designs and Interiors hires writers for freelance design writing gigs

Luxe Interiors and Design Magazine and website are a humungous network of shelter magazines with 16 local United States areas you can write for. They’ve got 75 editors (which means they put out a boatload of luxury design content). When pitching an idea, it needs to have a connection to one of the 16 regions (through the builder, architect, designer, or landscape architect for example). You can check out the different region editions online. And remember, luxe is their first name (this isn’t about budget decorating).

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners pays freelance writers for garden writing jobs

Want to write about organic gardening? The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners quarterly magazine accepts freelance pitches. Check out the most recent issue online to see if your ideas fit (and you can look at past issues too). And make sure to pitch well in advance based on your seasonal topic ideas.

Metropolis Magazine

Metropolis magazine pays writers for freelance design writing gigs

Metropolis Magazine and its blog publish content about design (from individual buildings to neighborhood and urban planning). Their main focus is architecture and the design of interior and exterior space. Of course, they want to write about big names and established designers (but up-and-coming talent is also on their wishlist). You could even pitch them a product article (if it connects with their design theme). Look at the website for ideas.

Midwest Home

Midwest Home magazine hires freelance writers for design writing jobs

Midwest Home Magazine and blog should probably change their name to Minnesota Home. They’re only interested in design and style stories about homes in this part of the United States. If you have access to some interesting indoor or outdoor spaces in Minnesota (that you can get great photos of and details about the project), you’ve got a great chance of getting a byline in this magazine.

Midwest Living

Midwest Living magazine pays writers for freelance design writing gigs

If interior design, style, decorating, and gardens are your loves, this publication is your cup of tea. Midwest Living is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine and a website about the Midwest United States (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas mainly). Instead of sending them your typical pitch email, they’d like an LOI (letter of introduction) with links to your clips and a few great ideas you have. Think front-of-book pieces (you know, those short bits at the beginning of the magazine). It’s their way to get to know you (if they like your LOI of course).

Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer hires writers for freelance garden writing gigs

Modern Farmer publishes content important to both for-profit and amateur farmers. From people who just like to get their hands dirty in their backyard to small farm businesses looking for advice. You won’t find too much advice about how to pitch this site (but they do provide a list of editors which is a huge time saver). You’ll have to read the blog to figure out what kinds of queries to send them.

Modern Gardens

Modern Gardens magazine pays freelance writers for gardening writing jobs

Want to write for Modern Gardens Magazine? You’ve got some researching to do. We hear they hire and pay freelance writers. But they’re not giving away any tips on pitching them. We recommend finding their editors on social media and of course good old-fashioned reading the magazine articles for clues on how to pitch this publication.

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info: No guidelines posted on the site.
  • Pay: We hear £300+
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, a nice one on a separate page with a photo.

New Jersey Monthly

New Jersey Monthly magazine hires freelance writers for design writing gigs.

New Jersey Monthly publishes pieces in their Shopping & Style and Home & Garden website sections (as well as in the magazine) perfect for style and design writers looking for jobs. They recommend you check out their Garden Variety section of the magazine. Front-of-book sections are a great way to land a paying gig and make friends with a great-paying publication (so check it out). As their name says, they’re only looking for stories that are directly related to New Jersey. No generic stuff, please. And send pitches, not full articles.

New York Magazine

New York Magazine pays writers for freelance style and design writing jobs

Style and design writers, check out The Cut and Curbed sections of New York Magazine. You can pitch them your ideas (but you’re on your own as far as research and figuring out what they want). Do some extra sleuthing to find the right editors too (so you can follow them on social). You don’t want to send your pitches to the generic “pitches” email address (so finding out editors’ names is key here). And yes, they do really accept freelance pitches. You just might have to be a tad persistent.

Oprah Daily

Oprah Daily hires writers for freelance style writing gigs

Oprah’s got a new site (no more OprahMag online). Lots of changes this year as they completely revamp everything about the site. If you want to write for this new version, you can start networking with Senior Editor, Ariana Davis (former editor of the digital magazine). We recommend networking with all of their editors (and reading up on the types of style articles Oprah’s brand and her readers expect).

Oregon Home

Oregon Home pays writers for freelance design writing jobs

Oregon Home Magazine helps its readers get ideas and discover the talented designers and builders working in their area. Got access to beautiful home or garden projects in Oregon? This magazine might be interested. No writer guidelines to help you out, but you already know how to research, dontcha? And you do have a list of editors (yeah). So get to checking them, the magazine, and the blog out.

Our Homes

Our Homes magazine hires freelance writers for design writing gigs.

Our Homes Magazine wants writers knowledgeable about home design, decoration, and building. You’ll need to be based in Ontario, Canada. Their stories are usually about local builders, homes, suppliers, shops, and artisans. You can pitch them ideas (they won’t say no to checking them out). But they like to assign articles, so maybe try an LOI (letter of introduction) first. You can look at the digital version of their different regional magazines or read the website. Heads up, they’ve got 14 different regions, so pick the one that’s best for you.

Paper Magazine

Paper Magazine hires freelance writers for style writing gigs

Looking for style and fashion writing opportunities? Paper Magazine pays writers for them plus much more. Lucky you, their list of editors is available (saving you valuable time searching for them). You’ll have to follow your favorite editors on social of course (always a smart move). But for tips on what and how to pitch them, you’ll have to do your own research. Need some help with it? Check out our ultimate pre-pitch checklist to make sure you’ve done everything you can to nail yours.

Places Journal

Places Journal pays freelance writers for style writing gigs.

Places Journal is not your typical architecture and space design magazine. They’re more interested in the analysis of space designs (landscape, buildings, urban planning for example) through a variety of perspectives. You’ll find articles on how space design influences sociology, history, ecology, politics, and more. Asking difficult questions, uncovering the messiness of plans versus real-life experience, and the search for solutions will get their attention.

Pro Builder

Pro Builder magazine hires freelance writers for design writing gigs

Pro Builder is a trade publication for the National Association of Home Builders. Their readers are industry pros like builders, remodelers, contractors, architects, designers, and building owners. You’ll find opportunities for design stories (just flip through their online magazine for details). Instead of pitching them, try sending an LOI (letter of introduction) with a few article ideas.

Readers Digest

Reader's Digest pays writers for freelance style writing jobs

Reader’s Digest has plenty of sections for style and design writers. We know they hire freelance writers too. You just won’t find much about how to pitch them your ideas. Do your own research and network with their editors on social media using the handy list below. Reader’s Digest has many editions for different countries, so check them out too if it makes sense for you.


Refinery 29 hires writers for freelance style writing jobs

Refinery29 has plenty of spots for design and style writers to pitch. Check out their entire Style section and most of their Lifestyle section for tips on how to pitch them. The writer guidelines are seriously in need of updating, but you know how to find answers, don’t you? And when you’re ready to pitch, check out this pitch template to up your chances of getting a yes.


Romper pays freelance writers for style writing gigs.

Believe it or not, Romper publishes stories about style and home decor. You might want to gear your ideas towards their readership of parents of mostly young children (think nursery design and effortless style pitches). What kinds of articles does Romper love? Personal essays, investigative reports, expense reports, and even pop culture articles. The writer guidelines will help you plenty, so read them carefully too.

Sasee Magazine

Sasee Magazine pays freelance writers for style writing jobs

Sasee Magazine publishes personal style and home design stories. If you’re in the South Carolina area, you may be a good fit for this publication (and they’re interested in a lot more than just style and design topics too). You can flip through the current or past issues online see what they like. They prefer articles with a strong connection to the local area (so living nearby helps).

Seattle Magazine

Seattle Magazine pays writers for freelance style and design writing gigs

Live in the Seattle, Washington area? Seattle Magazine and its blog have plenty of sections for your design and style pitches (Home & Garden, Neighborhoods, and Fashion for example). They’re open to ideas, but your pitch must appeal to their local Seattle readers (and have a strong connection with the area). Take a look at other articles and you’ll get the idea. Their writer guidelines do a fantastic job too (so read them please).

Sunset Magazine

Sunset magazine hires freelance writers for design writing jobs

Good news style and home design writers: Sunset Magazine accepts pitches for new home design and renovation projects. And they cover around 13 western states (that’s nearly half of the country). Go have a look at their other project stories. This publication is mostly staff-written, but you can pitch other ideas (they’re just more likely to say yes to home project pitches from freelance writers).

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue magazine pays freelance writers for style writing jobs

Do you like writing about style for teens? Teen Vogue hires freelance writers. But this print magazine and website aren’t giving you any tips about pitching them (except for a list of their editors…which is still a huge time saver). We recommend following their editors on social and checking out their style section to see if your ideas fit. And pitch persistently until you get a yes.

Texas Gardener

Texas Gardener magazine pays writers for freelance garden writing gigs

Wanna write for Texas Gardener Magazine? Make sure you live in Texas (or know a ton about gardening there). They want practical stories about how to garden fruit, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, trees, and everything else. Feature articles about interesting gardeners are also welcome. Read their detailed writer guidelines and do your research before pitching.

The Avery Review

The Avery Review pays writers for freelance architecture writing jobs

The Avery Review wants reviews of architecture projects, books, buildings, and anything else related to architecture. Critical essays are also welcome (but review is the key word to describe the content here). You can send an outline proposal, but they won’t give you a definitive answer until they see the finished article. Their writer guidelines are well-written and even include a list of suggested works for review (if you’re not sure where to start).

The Guardian

The Guardian hires freelance writers for style writing gigs.

The Guardian will consider your unsolicited freelance pitches. Go check out the Style section (if you’re a design or style writer). They don’t offer a ton of advice for pitching them. Read up on the Style section and start networking with the editors on social media if you want a byline in The Guardian. This publication has multiple country editions, so check to see which ones work best for you.

The Root

The Root blog pays writers for freelance style writing jobs

Hey style writers, The Root publishes Style and Beauty articles. This blog writes about as they put it “the intersection of blackness and culture, politics, entertainment, and sports, among other pertinent issues.” Read up on their style and content to see if you’re a good fit. Network with their editors on social. Then email them your pitch ideas.

Urban Omnibus

Urban Omnibus pays freelance writers for architecture writing jobs

Urban Omnibus wants content about creating and designing urban spaces. It’s the official publication of the Architectural League of New York (but puts out content from around the world). You can hit their sweet spot with content about how urban space can impact culture, politics, and everyday life. Critical essays, reports, interviews, photo essays, and other article types are welcome. Read the blog to get a clearer picture of their preferences.


Verily blog hires writers for freelance style writing gigs

The Verily blog writes about fashion, beauty, relationships, culture, and health. Perfect for design and style freelance writers looking for a byline. This blog is looking for stories that uplift and support women as they go out and crush their goals- Remember that while you’re writing your style story pitches. Read through the blog for more clues on a winning pitch (and the writer guidelines are helpful too).

Western Art and Architecture

Western art and architecture magazine hires writers for freelance architecture writing gigs

Got a thing for Western architecture and art? Join their fan club and get paid to write for them too. You’ll be writing for collectors, gallery owners, architects, artists, and their patrons. Send a pitch (and if it’s an architecture pitch, photos of the buildings too). They expect you to have sources for your articles. Read through the blog and magazine to get more tips for writing a winning pitch.

Yummy Mummy Club

Yummy Mummy club blog pays freelance writers for style writing jobs

The Yummy Mummy Club blog hires freelance writers for home and style stories for busy moms with young children. They love humor, personal stories, and timely topics (but a quick look at their blog will tell you much more). This Canadian blog is even open to contrarian and dissenting opinions (you’ll have to show proof for any facts of course). Their submission guidelines are pretty helpful too.

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If you’ve got a tip about a blog that pays writers $50+, please send it to [email protected] in exchange for our undying gratitude — thank you for your service.


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