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Google has removed the official AdSense app, its banner advertising service, from both the Play Store and the AppStore. The decision was announced around nine months ago: Google said the UX of the website would be improved instead. The roadmap called for the app to be phased out earlier this year, so we can say Google is arriving a little late.

Google AdSense apps

Even if the app can no longer be downloaded, those who previously installed it can continue to use it normally, at least for the time being. Of course, Google no longer offers support and will no longer update it; it should stop working entirely within a few months. Interested users were informed by email during these times.

Focus on the Adsense login website

At the moment, Google has not yet turned the mobile website into a PWA, with the associated advantages – primarily support for notifications even when the app is closed and the possibility of offline use, at least for the functions intended for this. However, it is still possible to bookmark the webpage on your home screen, on both Android and iOS.


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