Google AdSense for Android has stopped working


In 2019, Google said it would “lull” AdSense for Android and iOS by asking users to simply check their online advertising revenue on the site. However, the native Android app worked just fine until this week, but is now completely dead.

When opening the app today, you’ll see a yellow spinner that eventually changes to “No Data” and the AdSense logo, which has never been updated to the new style, which uses pill-shaped lines and a green splash to complement yellow and blue .

More importantly, you get the “An error has occurred, please try again later” toast message. No troubleshooting step, including clearing cache / memory, consistently solves this empty statistics problem. Meanwhile, the application was removed from both app stores in April 2020, so you cannot delete and reinstall it.

This shutdown was originally supposed to happen two years ago, but has been delayed in typical Google fashion. The company also said that AdSense for Android and iOS would be “phased out” in the coming months as early as 2019, but the app continued to function normally until this week. The only clue was in notifications:

We no longer support this app. For a better mobile experience, visit

AdSense works fine on the web and is much more modern, but it lacks home screen widgets and a handy icon. Unfortunately, there is no Progressive Web App with the default “Add to Home Screen” option in Chrome that creates a normal shortcut that keeps the normal browser UI intact.

Meanwhile, AdSense for iOS still works today, but Google is likely to make whatever changes it made to Android to the Apple platform in the near future.

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