Google AdSense is asserting huge variety of accounts


In the past 24 hours, it appears that Google has canceled a huge number of Google AdSense accounts. These publishers will receive email stating, “Your Google AdSense account was recently canceled.”

Of course, this causes a lot of panic in the support forums. In fact, when I log into my own account I see an indication of a violation, but when I click on it to take action it says there are no violations.

Here is a screenshot of the email many publishers receive:

Your Google AdSense account was recently canceled

Here is the violation notice:

When I click through it says, “There are no known account-level policy violations. Thank you!”

There are tons of complaints about it on Twitter, and especially on the Google AdSense help forums.

A top post on the forum suggested this is a mistake. He wrote:

We (speaking as the top non-Google contributor) have no updates on this “issue”.

It seems like a big problem and I’m sure a TC / Google itself will update people when we / they have more information.

Not a word from Google yet.

Forum discussion in Google AdSense Help.

To update: Google posted a new message stating that these account closures have occurred because these accounts have been inactive for a very long time. Google wrote:

Some of our publishers received a message from us today regarding an account closure. We closed these accounts because they were inactive for a while. Please note that active accounts are not affected.

When you’ve received this message and want to reactivate your AdSense account, sign in to your Google Account again, and then go to

Here is an account closure email I received today at 1:45 p.m. ET for an AdSense account that I no longer use and have not used in over 10 years:


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