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Starting your own dropshipping business these days can be quite easy if you follow the newest trends online. In essence, the best way to do this is to find the most suitable niche, perform tons of research in order to secure your base on the market, and then launch the venture and enjoy your business experience. However, deciding on what dropshipping niche you should adopt can be a bit of a struggle knowing quite well that this step would pretty much define your future endeavors.

This article is aimed at precisely that – to give you a certain perspective by covering the latest trends in a pretty interesting and always profitable niche: fashion accessories.

Why choose fashion accessories as a niche for dropshipping?

There are numerous reasons why fashion accessories are always sought on the market and this trend will probably proceed with the same growth in the coming years. The first and the most important thing an entrepreneur with a business goal needs to face is the oversaturated market of fashion accessories. Let’s face it, Fashion is a dynamic industry that always tends to portray a perpetual movement of the fashion items as a core value. Nowadays there are numerous companies that cover fashion accessories as their prime niche, so that results in a very crowded marketplace.

According to Statista, the Accessories market is set to reach US$462,958m in 2021. The annual growth rate or the CAGR for the period 2021-2025 is estimated to show 4.06% growth. Within this market, the largest segment with a revenue of US$320,337m in 2021 is the Watches and Jewelry niche. As far as a way of obtaining is concerned, 12% of the total revenue in the Accessories segment will come from online sales. This is an encouraging factor for all those who are willing to join this market. But, in order to understand a little bit more about how these trends are portrayed in the eCommerce market let’s dive in a little bit further into statistics.

According to Statista, the Bags and Accessories segment in the eCommerce market is set to reach US$164,841m in 2021. The annual growth rate or the CAGR for the period 2021-2025 is set at 8.37%, which will result in an estimated market volume of US$227,384m by 2025.

All of these numbers are telling a story that dropshipping fashion accessories will definitely bring a high-profit margin but in order to reach this, one must compose a very prudent strategy for market penetration.

Overall, dropshippers need to create a very strong brand statement in order to secure and ultimately win a higher place on the market. Thus, establishing a niche store, that will use professional and high-quality photographs for the products, but also will pay attention to the packaging in order to deliver the items in perfect condition, will definitely stand very high up on the list of successful dropshipping companies.

Now that we have covered the strategic part of opening a dropshipping fashion accessories store, let’s delve into the world of niches and provide a more detailed approach to the niches within the accessories segment.

What are the popular fashion accessories to dropship in 2021?

Although, in the beginning, providing a wide assortment of accessories might sound like a good idea, this plan could easily turn your shop into another generic dropshipping store on the market. The premise, that you need a more diverse inventory to target a much wider audience which in turn would generate more revenue, will not always turn out to be true, especially in oversaturated markets. On the other hand, providing a too narrow set of items might easily become unprofitable as there will be not enough audience interested in the products you offer. Therefore, monitoring the latest trends in the eCommerce market and responding adequately will be the greatest strategy that will address this problem. Fortunately, one should not have to worry about this too much in the accessories market, as this segment will always be an open opportunity for dropshippers, due to its constant market movements and undeniable demand.


Adding belts to your inventory as a dropshipper will surely bring you a lot of traffic on your website and land you many purchases. Belts have always been an accessory that is more on the practical side but nowadays there are many fashion brands that offer this practical item as a fashion statement product in order to show a certain sentiment.

Used both by women and men these accessories can enrich your assortment of products but have in mind that in order to differentiate on the market one must provide a unique approach to the belt section. That is why offering a branded belts such as the Dolce & Gabbana Grey Buckle leather belt for men could be quite appealing to the men’s audience.

On the other hand, women’s belts tend to be more of a fashionable addition to an overall look, and they often come with much more stylized designs that accentuate femininity. For instance, Dolce & Gabbana’s Gold Leather Crystal belt is a perfect example of that. You can also check the whole inventory of BrandsGateway’s offer of men’s belts and women’s belts to find those that will mostly apply to your desired assortment.


Gloves are another item on the list of dropshipping fashion accessories that is certainly going to catch the eye of the most fashionable shoppers, of course, if your offer stands out from the competition. In essence, gloves are an item that is mostly purchased for the winter months due to the fact that their primary purpose is to warm up the hands from the cold weather. Despite the weatherproof features, over the years many wide-known brands started their own lines of gloves and reintroduced this simple warming item as a fashionable accessory.

Dropshipping gloves in 2021

Nowadays, there are numerous luxury fashion brands that offer a wide variety of gloves whose main use is to provide a fashion statement. Dolce & Gabbana’s Black Embroidered Wool Gloves for men provide an interesting experience for the end clients with keeping the main weatherproof feature intact.

As for the women’s, you can check Dolce and Gabbana’s Brown Mid Arm length Leather Fur gloves that will surely complement your online store and give it quite a kick. Another branded gloves you should check are the Galliano’s Maroon Mitten Designer Logo gloves for women that can offer a more traditional take on this garment and broaden your audience segment.

For additional models, you can check the whole offer of BrandsGateway’s women’s gloves as well as the BrandsGateway men’s gloves and browse through the various models covered there.


Including hats in your dropshipping inventory can be a very lucrative move due to the diverse nature of these garments. In fact, hats are very popular items that can be worn in any season as a fashion accessory but also as a protection from the harmful UV rays over the summer but also keep the head warm during the cold winter period. This all-season feature makes them a very attractive item that is constantly in demand. Of course, there are numerous types of hats that you can incorporate as garments in your dropshipping store.

Bear in mind, that it is very important to choose some one-of-a-kind pieces that will immediately catch the attention of the ultimate fashionistas. Now, there are many luxury fashion brands that sell this type of item adding some twist with the overall product in order to fully differentiate from the other competitors in this segment.

Dropshipping hats

At BrandsGateway you can find numerous garments from brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Ermanno Scervino, John Galliano, Costume National, etc. In the men’s section, John Galliano’s Beige Wool blend can attract all those with a more traditional approach and people who are buying things for the winter season. Another interesting item is the Dolce & Gabbana’s Blue Patch Baseball Cap that serves as pretty luxurious protection from the sun in the summer months and superb protective gear from the sun.

In the women’s segment, Dolce & Gabbana’s Beige Wide Brim Capello Hat is the perfect market offer for distinguished women and will catch some attention. For the winter season, Dolce & Gabbana’s Gray Cashmere Fur Crystal Beanie Hat is the perfect item for your web store as it brings a more sophisticated look to the simple winter hat.


Another garment that has secured its place on the list of dropshipping fashion accessories is the scarf. Scarves are seasonal garments that are frequently bought in the autumn and winter as their first and most important feature is to warm up the one that wears them. Due to their high demand, these items can generate significantly higher profits. Not to mention that they are very easy to store, require very simple packaging, and due to these factors, the shipping process will turn out to be inexpensive.

In addition, scarves can come in different colors, materials, designs, and prints which makes them customizable and this is the reason why many world-famous fashion designers and houses have launched their own lines of scarves. Overall, scarves are the perfect addition to a dropshipping store’s inventory, and most important is that you could target certain audience segments if you decide to incorporate some distinguished models.

At BrandsGateway there are many different models of scarves for women and men from brands like Dolce & Gabbana, GF Ferre, Costume National, John Galliano, and Ermanno Scervino which you can add to your inventory and start your dropshipping journey. Certain models such as Dolce & Gabbana’s Multicolor Venice Cashmere Scarf for men and the Ermanno Scervino’s Light Blue Fantasy Scarf for women might even bring you a very particular segment of buyers that nurtures a bold and sophisticated style. For getting the attention of the more sporty segment, Dolce & Gabbana’s Multicolor Royal Fringe Scarf for men is a perfect choice, while for the women that are amused by the extravaganza you can check Dolce & Gabbana’s Gray Crystal Hood scarf.

Ties and Bowties

When thinking about ties and bowties we are immediately bound to think of men’s fashion accessories that are mostly worn on some official events or gala dinners. Most of these assumptions are mainly true, although there are ties that are made for women who want to experiment with their styles. In fact, ties project professionalism, power, and authority, and these features are always drivers for the demand. Whether they are for men or women, ties and bowties are well based on the market for fashion accessories. Many organizations, clubs, military regiments, and other associations are using different colored bowties in order to show a sign of belonging to that group which can further drive up the demand in this segment. Nowadays, many luxury brands offer a wide variety of ties and bowties in their fashion lines, as well. At BrandsGateway you can find numerous ties from the renowned fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. From casual silk ties, and neck butterfly bowties, to some unique design-printed ties intended for people who like to show a bit of a character in their styling.


Dropshipping watches as fashion accessories will always be a lucrative venture. The fact that watches stood the test of time despite the technological advances says a lot about their share of the market of accessories. There are numerous categories of timepieces these days that can fit every need and attract different audience groups. Additionally, the watch niche will always be broadened by some other range of accessories like watch straps, branded watches, smartwatches, and many other segments that will only open your business to new possible clients. Another reason why dropshipping watches can bring you high profits is the fact that your inventory is physically held by your dropshipping supplier which leaves you with more space to focus on orders and providing better service. In order to get a more extended analysis of the market and a detailed perspective of this niche, you can check the 10 Popular Types of Watches to Dropship in 2021 article on our blog.


The sunglasses are always in demand and the proof of that is the market’s constant and steady growth. According to some statistics, the revenue generated in 2021 in this segment amounts to US$ 20,173m and shows a CAGR of 5.39%. Estimates are that by 2025 the market will reach a volume of 926.87m pieces and by 2022 the CAGR will grow to 7.5%. This increase of more than 2% for only a year shows that there is a serious market demand that needs to be addressed with appropriate supply.

Dropshipping fashion accessories such as sunglasses

This means that choosing sunglasses as your main niche within the dropshipping fashion accessories segment might be a great idea as more and more people start purchasing shades through online channels. Due to the compactness, they are packed in small boxes which reduces costs for packaging and shipping. There are numerous styles of sunglasses that you might add to your dropshipping store and you can check a more detailed analysis in the article 10 Popular Types of Sunglasses to Dropship in 2021.

To summurize

The most important thing to consider before opening a dropshipping fashion accessories business is that one needs to prepare a crafty way to enter the market scene due to saturation. At the same time, it is good to strategize a bit with the niche broadness in order not to end up with a too shallow inventory that will attract a small number of customers. In the end, this will decrease the number of sales and your dropshipping business will end up with plummeting profits. Therefore, due to wide-ranging products that belong to the fashion accessories branch, it is for the best if one selects a particular niche to grow within it, and expand it when and if necessary in order to adapt to the market circumstances.


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