The 6 Most Standard Forms of Ladies’s Dropship Clothes in 2021


Lilla Stefanovszky

Women didn’t always have a wide selection of clothes, but clothes have been part of their wardrobe since the dawn of human history. This makes dresses likely the oldest type of clothing that is still relevant today. We can safely say that this article has stood the test of time and although it has undergone a tremendous transformation as it is still a staple food for most women these days.

The womenswear market is projected to reach $ 843 billion by the end of 2021 and grow at an average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.43% through 2026. According to Statista, womenswear is the third best category within the womenswear division, with sales of $ 94 billion, and this trend is expected to continue in the years to come. With an average volume of 0.46 units per capita in 2021, dresses are not the top-selling category, but after blazers they are the second most expensive items that women buy with an average price of USD 27.2 per item of clothing. This makes the women’s clothing category the third highest category in terms of per capita sales. This signals that there is a constant demand for women’s clothing. Although women buy fewer clothes than, for example, cheaper everyday items such as socks, they tend to inject more when buying and opt for higher-priced models.

Because of this, women’s dresses can be a beneficial category when considering dropshipping clothing or expanding your store selection. Now let’s go to the next section and see why drop shipping dresses is good.

Why is dropshipping dresses profitable?

When starting your dropshipping business, there are two key things you need to consider in order to get the revenue you want, the supplier you are working with and the category you are selling. Due to the great demand for women’s clothes, it can be assumed that it is a first-class category. You can then further break this category down by the niche you want and sell related ranges such as summer dresses, casual dresses, and business occasion dresses.

Dropshipping is a market that is relatively easy to penetrate as it does not require a significant initial investment from the business owner. The reason for this is that dropshippers do not hold stocks and shop themselves, but rather work with dropshipping suppliers who take care of inventory management as well as the fulfillment and delivery processes themselves. Another reason to start dropshipping clothes is that this business model can be a great solution when you are unsure whether you can sell a larger amount of inventory that you bought from a wholesaler. Consequently, dropshipping can help you avoid low inventory turns and keep your cash flow and finances healthy.

With that in mind, we’ve done the research and rounded up the best drop shipping dresses in 2021 so you don’t have to. Read below for the top women’s clothing categories to include in your dropshipping store to increase your customers’ cart size and end up with higher sales.

What are the most popular drop shipping women’s dresses in 2021?

First, consider and analyze the niche that you want to attract and serve. When you have a better picture of your target audience and have created a buying persona, you are ready to craft your product offering that best suits their needs.

The 90s-inspired puff sleeves

Taking inspiration from the 90s isn’t new when it comes to current clothing trends as we’ve seen a wide variety of clothing items on the shelves for over a year. The good news is that puff sleeve dresses will remain but will be updated to provide a more flattering and chic look to women. This sleeve design adds a voluminous and interesting addition to the classic A-line dresses that all women love so much, and gives them a fresh, upscale look. No matter what the occasion, a dress with puff sleeves can always be a great piece of clothing for your customers. If you’re invited to a wedding, an A-line silk dress from Dolce & Gabbana can be the perfect attire for any guest. When the sun goes down and it’s time for a girls’ night out, a little black dress from John Richmond can serve as a great base for an outfit. But you can also find puff-sleeved alternatives if you want options for a more upscale look that your customers can wear to their daily errands with this Dolce & Gabbana corduroy mini dress.

Dropship women's dresses

The classic wrap dress

Another timeless dress style for dropship is the classic wrap dress, first introduced by Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s. While other styles went in and out of fashion over the decades, the classic wrap dress stood the test of time and was later reinvented by Diana von Fürstenberg to peak in popularity in the 1970s. Nowadays, wrap dresses are made and sold by numerous fashion houses with different sleeves and details, and they also come in many different types of fabric. Due to its practical silhouette, this style is again a great starting point for women all over the world. They can be worn to the office as part of a professional outfit like this beige dress from Peserico to be the star of a cocktail party when enhanced by their fabric, like this purple piece from Licia Florio, or can be used to make a dramatic entrance like this floral Dolce & Gabbana wrap dress with fur collar.

The multipurpose caftan

The caftan dress is a symbol of the bohemian lifestyle and the exotic. It is believed to originate from ancient Mesopotamia, but they didn’t become popular in the western world until the 50s and 60s when high-end fashion houses took over the style. Nowadays the caftan has become synonymous with any longer, loose fitting tunic or robe that can be found on the market. Kaftan-style dresses can be a good idea in the warmer months, as their loose silhouette and light workmanship allow adequate ventilation and lower body temperature. Plus, they can be a great alternative to dropship dresses if you’re targeting a more humble audience. Caftans like this Ermanno Scervino pice can be great companions on the beach when it comes to putting something on. Just like this printed cotton piece by Dolce & Gabbana, they can be part of everyday women’s wardrobe or they can also be used as an elegant robe.

The feminine ruffled dress

Although the ruffles are now associated with feminine clothing, their story is far from feminine. Ruffles date back to the 16th century when it was common to wear multiple layers of fabric. German and Spanish soldiers then began cutting open the more decorative top layer of their outer coats to expose the simpler undergarments underneath so they would mimic the ragged looks of soldiers returning from the war. When these first ruffles became famous, they were worn by aristocrats and are an iconic part of their 17th century paintings. Since then, ruffles have caught on and have returned as a leading trend in recent years. A ruffled dress can give an eye-catching and fresh update to any look that is badly needed after the time at home. Alpha Studio’s Mirtillo dress is a prime example of how ruffles can be incorporated into everyday outfits, while Dolce & Gabbana’s polka dot ruffle dress can be the perfect choice for a sophisticated dinner.

Types of women's dresses for dropship

The trendy cut-out dress

Another hot trend in 2021 is the cut-out, so this should definitely be a clothing style dropshipping this year. The main advantage of this trend is that it can also be classy and subtle or daring and sexy. The whole idea is to only show as much skin as necessary to create that suggestive effect. If you’re targeting a more adventurous niche, don’t miss out on these dropship dresses. Cut-out dresses can come in any shape and form this year so everyone can find their perfect match and make an impression anywhere. The cold shoulder cut-out is one of the most popular, like this figure-hugging dress by Dolce & Gabbana, which is perfect for a summer night. But cut out dresses can look professional too, and Alpha Studio’s knitted black dress is here to prove it. In addition, they can also be the focus of stunning evening looks like this John Richmond dress.

The metallic and sequin dresses from the 80s

Another recurring trend from the last century is the metallic or sequin dresses, which are making a big comeback this year. While women may have reserved their most shiny pieces for a night out or for New Year’s Eve, this year they will be part of outfits that are worn around the clock. The metallic or sequin pieces can be combined with subtle basics and natural colors, making them a perfect and at the same time eye-catching part of party and everyday outfits. A prime example of their versatility is that they come in solid silver or gold tones like this Arzu Kaprol mini dress or a Dolce & Gabbana romper jumpsuit, or they can be as colorful this season as it is this season like this multicolored sequin dress from Dolce & Gabbana.

To sum up

Dropshipping women’s dresses is definitely a strategy to grab buyers’ attention and drive traffic to your store’s website. You are advised to consider a wider range of drop shipping dresses so that you can offer goods in multiple niches and keep up with current trends in the market. There may be a seemingly overwhelming supply and players in the market right now, but if you know your customers well and target them with the right marketing strategy, you don’t have to wait for your success.

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