What does an automotive engineer do?


A vehicle engineer is partially responsible for the design, development, manufacture and testing of vehicles and their subsystems. They work in all areas of the automotive industry and create new technologies that make vehicles more efficient. What does an automotive engineer do?

What is vehicle technology?

Vehicle construction is a branch of vehicle construction that the Development, manufacture, testing and maintenance of motor vehicles. It includes elements from mechanics and electrics to software and security.

The focus of automotive engineering is on designing new vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks or on improving existing machine technologies and systems.

Role overview – vehicle engineer

This area of ​​engineering is one of the most indispensable areas in the industry and the demand for engineers is expected to increase by approx. 34,750 new jobs occupied until 2029 (recruiter).

Duties of a motor vehicle engineer

Automotive engineers are responsible for Design, develop and manufacture vehicles as well as the improvement of all mechanisms related to these vehicles. They do this by first evaluating the project requirements and then developing and implementing test procedures.

These engineers use AutoCAD to produce and develop designs for prototypes and also choose the most suitable materials for each component. You are responsible for solving technical problems and investigating mechanical errors.

Duties of an automotive engineerDuties of an automotive engineer

They interpret and analyze results and data and organize and perform any necessary tests. Automotive engineers also improve vehicles in response to customer feedback.

They are in contact with suppliers and take care of procurement management issues and offer customers technical advice. Some engineers may also be asked to supervise junior staff.

What are the tasks of an automotive engineer?

  • Design, development and manufacture of vehicles
  • Improve all mechanisms related to vehicles
  • Assess project requirements
  • Develop and implement test procedures
  • Develop and produce designs with AutoCAD
  • Build prototypes of various components
  • Decide which materials are needed for component manufacturing
  • Solve all technical problems
  • Investigate mechanical failures
  • Interpret and analyze results and data
  • Organize and run tests
  • Make improvements to vehicles in response to customer feedback
  • Contact with suppliers
  • Troubleshoot delivery management issues
  • Technical advice to customers
  • Supervising junior staff

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Skills of an automotive engineer

Automotive engineers have a deep-seated interest in the engineering and design of automobiles. You will have a thorough understanding of technical concepts, a high level of numeracy, and effective troubleshooting and problem solving skills.

These engineers have extensive knowledge of the applications used in design and production and have experience working with 3D modeling software such as: AutoCAD. You also have knowledge of project management tools such as Trello and JIRA as well as design programs such as Corel sketch pad.

Automotive engineer skillsAutomotive engineer skills

Automotive engineers have one too Trade and industry awareness and are constantly on the cutting edge of construction and construction technology.

You have strong communication and presentation Skills and the ability to work well in a team. These engineers can also work well within time and cost constraints and have a keen eye for detail.

What skills does an automotive engineer have?

  • Deep-rooted interest in vehicle technology and design
  • In-depth understanding of technical concepts
  • High level of calculation
  • Effective troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Extensive application knowledge in construction and production
  • Experience in using 3D modeling software
  • Knowledge of project management tools such as Trello and JIRA
  • Knowledge of design programs such as Corel Sketch Pad and ThinkDesign Engineering
  • Trade and industry awareness
  • Be up to date with the latest in design and engineering technologies
  • Strong communication skills
  • Exceptional presentation skills
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Ability to work within cost constraints
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent time management skills

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How do you become an automotive engineer?

Many automotive engineers have an academic background. So in order to be able to work as an automotive engineer, it is advisable to have a Bachelor degree in vehicle technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or a similar subject.

It should be noted that entry into a career is also possible through an apprenticeship. Some positions may require you to obtain a postgraduate degree, such as: Master’s degree or diploma.

Certifications are also a great way to gain a foothold in the field. Here are some great online options to consider:


The starting salary for an automotive engineer is approx. $ 50,000 per year. The average salary is approx. $ 79,000 per year. The senior salary is $ 103,000 however, it can be significantly higher in certain cases. Actual income depends on factors such as the industry and company, but also on professional experience.

In Germany the salary range is € 39,000 – € 96,000 while in the UK the range is £ 25,000 – £ 52,000.

How Much Do Automotive Engineers Make?

Junior $ 50,000
average $ 79,000
Senior $ 103,000

How Much Do Freelance Automotive Engineers Make?

The freelancermap tariff index in September 2021 shows an average hourly rate of $ 95 among automotive engineers. If you calculate this rate over an 8-hour day, the daily average is around $ 760.

Average hourly rate for freelance automotive engineersAverage hourly rate for freelance automotive engineers

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