What’s digital PR and the way does it have an effect on website positioning?


The importance of a good digital public relations (PR) strategy is critical to any business. In this internet-driven world, digital PR is extremely beneficial. It’s about spreading the word so that as many people as possible can be reached.

Compared to traditional PR, the digital version works with multiple digital marketing channels to maximize reach. It’s just a means to an end because together you get the best of both worlds.

What is digital PR?

Digital PR refers to the strategy that brands use to increase awareness. They do this by using online methods like search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and so on.

Simply put, it means you get high quality backlinks from online publications, websites, and good customer reviews. By using established names in their respective fields and promoting the brand to gain credibility, people automatically trust the brand more and consider using their product or service.

At its core, digital PR is all about exploring different ways that help create a good and reliable brand image in the eyes of the target group.

How does digital PR affect SEO?

Digital PR and SEO have a very complementary equation: if a company’s name is linked through trusted websites, etc., Google automatically trusts that website too. As a result, it will rank higher and get more traffic.

Therefore, good PR can influence search engine optimization and significantly improve the ranking compared to all other channels combined.

Ways to Use Digital PR to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Here are a few ways you can navigate PR to get more coverage and improve search engine optimization:

Get more links

Links were consistently one of the most important factors influencing Google’s rankings as well as those of the other search engines. With the help of good digital PR, you can get solid backlinks from websites that are highly influential and trustworthy.

Being able to get coverage on major pages of national newspaper, major industry magazines, and even major regional websites’ websites will greatly improve your SEO performance. The benefits of this will be felt in your website’s ranking for a long time to come.

Work on brand recognition

This is one of the best ways to use digital PR to improve search engine optimization. We all know how an established brand can help rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Page Results). It turns out that whenever we search for something on Google, the first results tend to favor big brands.

Getting published on third party websites will go a long way in helping you be recognized as a credible and trustworthy brand. Since you can’t struggle with Google’s algorithms, you can also join the branded car and get to work.

If your brand is mentioned a lot on various social media platforms, websites, etc., it will be noticed by Google and your ranking will ultimately improve.

Manage your reputation

When people can’t rank a brand or company, the first thing they do is do a quick search on Google. So you need to make sure that the reviews that users of your products or services find on various review sites are good.

To do this, you need to make sure that you always do your best with maintenance. If your PR work meets the needs, it will show the best results users can find by searching for your brand name. Third party websites that have featured your brand on will appear.

Ultimately, you are building a strong and reliable reputation in the eyes of your prospects. Use this digital PR to improve search engine optimization.

Provide social proof

If your PR team has managed to get your brand name publicized or mentioned on a website or digital platform that is haunted by a lot of people like The Daily Telegraph, The Huffington Post, and others, then you need to flaunt it.

This is because these already have high brand equity and when your audience learns they are showcasing your brand, they are more likely to buy from you.

Publish press releases

When we say press releases, we mean non-written content that is saturated with keywords and no longer comprehensive as a unit. Your press releases should be exciting, timely, and published only to those to whom that specific content is relevant as a lot of research and creativity has gone into this piece.

You can also use targeted newswires, if there are any in your area, and post your press releases there to reach your target audience. However, make sure that the content is published consistently and is also interesting.

Collaborate with bloggers

Another best way to use digital PR to improve SEO. Blogging has an established place in the digital world. Here, reaching bloggers can have the same effect as reaching influencers. This is because what the bloggers write has a powerful impact on their followers or those who follow their blogs religiously.

Blog mentions can therefore play an important role in finding the right audience for your website. People are more than willing to take the time to read content if they find it relevant. Having your article published by an established news site or other such sites will help your brand get noticed.

Work with a charity

In order not to come across as a skeptic, do so if you truly believe in the cause of charity and are genuinely ready to work with them to serve it. But of course we can’t forget that it’s a good angle to work on.

Not only that, but if you can get some well-known journalists to cover your work and it gets published on a well-known news site, it will not only promote your brand and awareness but also spread positivity.


The techniques given above can help you improve your digital PR strategy, which in turn will boost your SEO performance and help Google recognize and rank your brand higher.

Digital PR and SEO are therefore linked and have a direct effect on each other. Work on tweaking one strategy to improve each other’s performance because, ultimately, both of them are working to grow your customer base.


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