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The main disadvantage of any affiliate is where to get trusted accounts for advertising. It takes a long time to create accounts and warm them up yourself. The accounts that are more than a year old and have a history of activities are all the more trusted.

However, buying accounts from unknown sellers is not always reliable: usually such accounts are not guaranteed, they are quickly blocked, and sellers are not always behaving in good faith.

From 2019 partners have an alternative option – cloud accounts from do not. farm.

Briefly about

This service provides cloud accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads.

For more than two years, the company has provided its partners with advertising accounts in every geographic region.

There are more than 85 specialists who prepare new accounts every day and develop new solutions that allow affiliates to serve ads despite all the restrictions imposed by social networks and search engines.

What is the difference between a cloud account and a regular account?

When you buy a regular account, you will receive the login and password for the account and log in from any browser. cloud accounts are located in a virtual system. You can enter it through a web browser or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The partner does not get a login or password for the account and it is not necessary either: you can log into the account with a few clicks using special programs.

How to access accounts

To access an account you will need:

  1. Register on the website
  2. Fund your account. You can transfer the payment via common e-wallets, bank cards or bitcoins.
  3. Select accounts based on the desired geo and order it.

Officially, invoices are submitted within 24 hours, but in practice it is much faster: sometimes within a few hours. It depends on what type of accounts you have chosen.

After that, you can log into your account and start working.

Account purchase options accounts can be paid for in two ways: by account or by subscription.

Per account. The cost of an account is between $ 100 and $ 300, depending on the geo.

The most expensive accounts are those from tier 1 countries. For example Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Italy and France.

These accounts are the most sought-after and typically these countries are where you can make the most money from advertising.

For single purchases, each account is guaranteed for two weeks. If an account is blocked during this time and the affiliate is not at fault, it will be replaced.

With a subscription, You get unlimited replacement of accounts if they are blocked. With this format you select the desired number of slots (accounts), pay for them and get access to the accounts within 24 hours.

If an account is suspended, it will be replaced within 12 or 24 hours: this depends on the type of subscription. Statistically, even inexperienced affiliates don’t have to make more than 3 account replacements during the subscription period.

Even more interesting statistics: Already in the 2nd and 3rd month of the subscription there are fewer and fewer blocks and account replacements.

As with buying an account, the cost per subscription depends on the geographic location of the account and the number of accounts you need.

For example, 5 tier 1 country slots cost $ 1,895 per month.

This price is fully justified by the bonuses that the user receives with the account.

There are also discounts for users and teams who regularly buy accounts.

Advantages of accounts

The number of accounts is not limited

Seasoned affiliates know that it is better to select the accounts based on the geographic region in which you want to advertise. has accounts for all countries and genders. In particular, a large selection of accounts from Tier 1 countries.

Cloud accounts

Accounts are ready to use

All accounts are already warmed up so that you can start working immediately after purchasing.

With accounts you can work with white offers as well as Nutra offers, gambling, adult, data and financial offers.

When working with gray and black offers, the account will of course be blocked at some point anyway: it depends on how exactly the affiliate works. In the case of accounts, however, this happens sooner rather than later.

Tailored business manager

If you are planning large-scale advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you need a business manager.

Given Facebook’s strict control over the actions of its users, the social network does not allow showing ads with large budgets immediately after creating the account.

At you can buy accounts with Business Manager already set up and with any limit: $ 50, $ 250 or no limit. If an account has a limit, will give you instructions on how to increase it.

A separate bonus is filing a complaint. If the Business Manager is blocked by Facebook, the affiliate does not have to do anything: the specialists at themselves apply for the account to be unblocked.

Account solution

Anti-Detect Browser

All social networks and search engines track user data. In particular, from which device the user logs in, from which country, etc.

If some users have the same data, the system takes them into account, and there are claims to one of the accounts, the rest can be blocked. To mask the data on devices and connections, affiliates use proxies and anti-discovery browsers.

The price of the anti-detection browser is pretty high: it starts at $ 100 and can go as high as $ 1,000, depending on the functionality of the particular browser.

At, you will receive an anti-detection browser with your account, which will save you additional costs. Each separate tab opens the page of a specific account. This helps avoid confusion and you can always be sure that you are viewing the correct data for a given account.

Bonus account

Every user has a special bonus account on which he can receive cash bonuses for large deposits.

For example, if you deposit $ 1000 you will receive $ 100 in your bonus account. The higher the deposit amount, the higher the bonus. In the future, these bonuses can be used to pay up to 30% of the cost of the accounts.

Residential proxies

Unlike other types of proxies, residential proxies are more reliable for affiliate marketing: they display real connection data and can only be owned by one user. The only downside is that they are slower.

But the team has also solved this problem: thanks to special settings, the data upload speed is as fast as the data center proxy.

In addition, it is possible to connect even faster premium proxies for a surcharge. The cost is $ 5 per account. According to some partners, there is essentially no need for such speed-up – the original proxies do their job well and quickly enough. payment solution

Payments are a separate type of problem. If the payment card is owned by a bank whose cards are widely used for affiliate marketing, that social network card is not trusted. If you link a card to several accounts, all other accounts can be blocked if they are blocked.

If you want to use your payment card – no problem. manager will recommend which payment methods it is better not to use. For example, the Yandex and Qiwi electronic wallets do not work – social networks and search engines know that they are widely used by partners. Because of this, the account trust is lower or the system won’t let you attach a card or e-wallet. Your No. 1 solution with account lockouts


Each buyer of the accounts gets their own manager who helps with the account settings and gives recommendations on how to use the account. For example, it will ask you not to change the internal settings or the language of your account – changes may arouse suspicion and your account can be sent for review.

Also, if you have specific questions about affiliate marketing and advertising, the manager is always ready to tell you what to do when you come across a particular offer.

Disadvantages of accounts

The only downside is that price. The cost of accounts is higher than the market average. For this reason, affiliates who have not yet used the service are often hesitant to buy.

However, when we factor in the cost of the anti-discovery browser, proxies, and labor costs for account creation and warming up, we can understand that these costs are more than justified.

It turns out that by purchasing accounts you save time and avoid all additional costs.

What are the opinions on

Since the service has been around for more than two years, you can find many reviews of the company’s accounts online.

Users agree on one thing – the cost of accounts isn’t cheap. However, the price is justified by the bonuses included in the price and the willingness of the accounts to work. With accounts, you can even work with gambling and affiliate offers that are officially prohibited by Facebook’s advertising policies. is launching a campaign that will give you an incredible cashback! 😎
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